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How to lose weight in a healthy way (merged)

Are you Shawn from Alberta Ghost? Great testimony!  ;D Anywho, I think folks are misreading this as a diet or worse a fad diet.  ::) It is not, I'm not promoting anything carb free or fat free or this free or that free. It's a principle, a simplistic but seemingly unatainable idea for most people. Lists of food you say, well here's a list of things that I buy and eat, so maybe it will help you. Don't take it as a certified anyones advice, it's just what I do and it works for me. Here's my grocery list,
Skimmed Milk, Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, Steak, Extra Lean Ground Beef, Cod filets, salmon steak, canned tuna, eggs, low fat marble cheese, fat free salsa, baked tostito nacho chips, 12 grain dempsters bread, turkey breasts, lite n lean chicken, ham and roast beef, Olive oil, healthy request soups, diet gingerale, Kashi Go Lean cereal, all natural Peanut Butter, Sliced almonds, franks hot sauce, V8 reduced Sodium juice, Olives, Hot peppers, Corn, Spinach, Green, Red and Orange Peppers, carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Fat Free Yoghurt, Oranges, Nectarines, Bananas, Peaches, Pares, Grapes and apples. I even have some ice cream once in a while. If you eat this stuff on a regular basis, you will not go wrong.
"I'm making a joke and implying she eats too much."

HAHAHAHA I betcha your wife doesn't read this forum!  You hand might
be found in the cookie jar without the rest of your body.
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What did people do before diets and wives for conversation?
Che said:
What did people do before diets and wives for conversation?

We talked about the weather alot...the great Canadian pastime  ;D.
x-grunt said:
We talked about the weather alot...the great Canadian pastime   ;D.

Over a Double Double and a Boston Cream or twelve, which ruined our diets so we got fat and lost our wives to fit military guys.  ;)
Dont drink pop unless its diet.... lots of sugars, empty calories.
You can get all the nutritional advice in the world but NONE OF IT WILL WORK for you unless you follow it.   The problem is that you are eating junk because it does something for you.   It is comforting, or fun, or distracting, or it is a friend when you are all alone at night.   You are feeding a need instead of dealing with it appropriately.   So (in order for example) get a teddy bear, play video games, watch tv or play paintball, or get a girlfriend or other friends.   This is pretty cut and dried but it is true.  

If you want more info read Dr. Phil's book - The ultimate weight solution (I know...groan).   But it does work.   I lost about 30 pounds and kept it off.   The reason his book is good is because it targets all those habits that undermine weight loss.   So you can read all you want about nutrition, weight loss, etc. but until you develop the proper habit control, you won't use all that good advice.  

Just my two cents.
Che said:
What did people do before diets?

we stayed healthy by staying alive through our own means, not counting on others for the most part, we never had burger places and cars, tv and xbox's we had horses and cornfields, stick and hoop (anyone know the name of that?) .
paracowboy said:
black coffee, Skoal straight, and Guiness on weekends.

Now I have been following a plan similar to that. My friends and I call it the vitamin beer and vitamin chicken wing plan. no Skoal though!  Thanks for all the tips. I have no problems with follow-through when I set my mind to it. I think there also might be an environmental factor at work. I live in London... A very food oriented city. We can always be quoted "Thai, Mexican, Japanese...etc."  there's always some new food to eat.  On the other side of things... when I go to visit my bud at CFB Kingston I lose weight because i'm not eating at a different place every night... go figure (It must be all that walking from bar to bar there) Anyway.. .thanks for all the tips!
People eat junk because they are hungry. Lots of time  they are hungry because they are not getting enough protein in their diet. Try eating some lean protein with every meal and you will not have to eat  6 meals a day. Who has the time? Go to low fat milk, etc. Cut out butter on the bread.  Eat bread with fiber instead of white bread. The little things will add up and then you can have the odd dessert. A draconian diet will not last.
Must....smack....head....reapeatedly...ungh..ungh. Look, I don't make this shit up ok. Here's what I know, I've been kicking around gyms a long time, along the way the principles of "fitness & nutrition" struck me as interesting. Hell I've even considered doing  Kinesology or some such foolishness. In that time I've tried absoluetly everything, I'm like my own guinny pig. I've even tried NOX.

In all my reading, studying etc, I've found some simple truths. Protein is good, but not in the copius amounts that people keep suggesting, I'm a 275lb man, I lift weights intensely and I run a decent 5k, if anyone needs a lot of protein it's me. I've seen skinny boys and girls trying to ingest twice the amount I take, guess what I'm still outdoing them. Refined carbs are shitty, but tasty, who doesn't like some french fries or potatoe chips? Limit the intake of those. Fat is essential to your diet, you can't live without it and GASP some of it is good for you. People got fat by going "fat free" most fat free stuff is loaded with sugar, one of those bad refined carbs.

Now, the principle that evolved this thread, eating 6 smaller meals per day keeps you constantly full. If you're constantly full with good stuff, there is no room for bad stuff, right Mars bar! I don't care what you eat three times a day, you will still feel hunger at some point and that's where you get in trouble. I just put this stuff up here when people ask, I'm not pushing anybodys product. If people don't want to take what I'm saying that's fine. For anyone to come on here and say that what I posted was draconian is absurd. Visitor, you should rethink your approach to nutrition if you believe that 6 meals a day is draconian. Go read about some nutrition folks, it's not hard to find these days.
I never said eating 6 meals/day   is draconian. "Draconian"means harsh   and usually implies severe. How could 6 meals/day   be severe? :/      I was referring to the initial poster who said he ate a lot of cookies and someone replied for him not to eat   cookies. For him to deny himself something he likes is draconian. He should   try to work cookies into his plan, as you seem to do with fries or potato chips. To each his own.

And you smack   your head unnecessarily.   To my mind a meal is different than a snack. And some people are   not in a position to   fix 6 small meals a day. Eating an apple on the fly is something else, but again, some people's jobs do not allow for that.

Secondly, if he is eating lots of carbs,   and is still hungry, he may need more protein. Personally, I had the same craving of carbs. When I upped my protein (which when analyzed, was way too low) I   lost 20 pounds   (and kept it off) and my   constant hunger went away. Eating SOME lean protein   (not copious amounts as you are referring to)   is what I suggested. You don't know what his current amount is and neither do I.   You can also get lots of   the necessary fat in your diet, esp if you are eating cookies and still cut back fat in other way. If our boy is overweight something has got to go. Switching to low fat milk, mayonnaise, etc.   is less painless than giving up   all the cookies.

If he is really interested, he could get his diet analyzed as I did and figure out the balance of food he needs to lose weight and also   give him enough energy to do all his activities. Everyone is different.

I think a   lot of the   frustration on boards such as these occurs when people misinterpret what is said,   make assumptions and jump to   conclusions without clarifying.    

On the other hand if you would rather smack your head...


If your interested pipboy48
Good link, short, concise, to the point info.  Thanks.

First of all, I did a search on all the fitness threads I could but couldn't find any advice on weight loss while training for fitness exam

So, hence, this thread exists  :eek:

Anyways, I have applied to the forces, and have the next 5 or so months (finishing university) to get myself trained up to spec. I can do, as of yesterday, 25 pushups, 49 situps in 1 minute, and a 17:36 2.4km run. The biggest problem affecting my fitness right now is my slightly large gut (I'm not "fat," just horizontally large, but not sticking out the sides and all that jazz) and how it is impeding my run speed and endurance.

My question pertains to how to lose said gut by May, when I graduate. I have already drastically changed my diet (no more pop, less pork  :'(, more skinless chicken, whole wheat pastas and breads, etc) and I hit the gym 5 days a week with MWF getting 30 minutes in the locker room steam room. So far I haven't seen a pound of change, and that is going hardcore in the gym with multijoint exercises and a full "military set" every other day (pushups immediately to situps immediately to chin machine immediately to ab plank etc). I run a little bit (30 minutes jog to get my endurance up) 4 days of the week and then do a 2.4 km run on Friday afternoons on the track at the fitness center at University.

So... how do I lose weight and gain military level fitness?
diet, cardio, weights.

The more muscle mass you put on, the more calories you consume  keep up the exercise, you won't be drastic results right off the bat but the name of the game is to burn more calories than you consume.  Keep up the hard work, i am sure you'll get there.


My advice:  I know university students are broke... but if you're serious about it - get a personal trainer.  If you provide a good personal trainer with a timeline, a realistic goal (yours is), and are willing to stick to a program (you sound like you are) - then you're laughing.

Also: You state you have a gut, but haven't referenced the rest of your body type.  There are three main types, mesomorphs, ectomorphs, and endomorphs.  I forget which is which, but essentially one is a pear, one is greek god, one is skinny.  Sounds like you might be a pear.  Greek statues and twigs can run, pears cannot run as well.

Pears can get fit for their body type, but there are limitations.  Pears are designed for ruckmarches, not running.  We had one monster of a 1CER on ROTO 7, just huge.  He was designed to ruckmarch and carry heavy things at a steady pace, and to pull tracked vehicles out of mud when a wrecker couldn't.  Running was breaking him - when the physiotherapist ordered him to do low-impact cardio (read: NO RUNNING) he was fine.  Some people are just not designed to run.

How does that help you?  Not much, I'm afraid - but I have yet to see a single recruiting centre that makes people run 2.4km.  That distance and time is a goal.  Most BMQ/SQ use the shuttle-run, and most recruiting centres use the step test.  Both are designed not to mimic a 2.4km run, but to evaluate your cardiovascular capability to run 2.4km.  Which you can.  Keep training, increase the lengths of your runs, then decrease time, and you should be fine.

Oh, and find a running partner who's a strong runner.  It's DAMN hard to stay motivated running alone.