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How to lose weight in a healthy way (merged)


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i am joining the reserves soon and i been losing weight at a slow rate. every night for aboput 30 minutes i been excerising( situps,crunches and other crap) i know that you have to eat good and i been doing that but dose any one know of a quicker way to lose wieght ?

There is a LOT of info right here - http://forums.army.ca/forums/threads/23364.0.html

Good luck!
Specifically, for burning fat I believe there's a certain range your heartrate should be in, depending on your age, where you will start burning fat. For some reason 151 for a 19 year oldish person for 20 minutes and you will start really burning fat, seems to stick out in my mind.
Most fat burning would occur if you did the excersize in the morning, or, at the end of a traditional excersize (weights or body weight resistance) session.

Shouldn't need any crazy diets so long as you are active every day of the week, with one day perhaps being a light or low impact cardiovascular excersize.

Humans have come to depend on technology so every day of our lives is easier and consequently less active than we were as recently as 20 years ago, requiring us to go out of our way to be active. So it might sound a little nutty that you should excersize everyday but it's neccessary lest we should eat ourselves and sit ourselves to an early grave.

Take everything you get online with a grain of salt, if you're really into it there are books on the subject, or alternatively you could go to a gym get a membership and normally they'll offer a few sessions of personal fitness coaching to get you on track once they know your goals.
There is also a chance you might not need to lose weight and you shouldn't be so worried, but a good fitness coach or nutritionist will set you on track there.

good luck
double your heart rate for 20 minutes every day. As you get fitter, it will take more effort to do this, whether that effort displays itself by running faster, or by running further. As you'll learn form the link provided above, it's best to do both.

Further, do gravity-resistance training (what we old guys used to call weight lifting). The more muscle tissue you carry on your frame, the higher your metabolism is, and the more fat your body burns to feed that muscle.

I'd suggest finding a half-hour to an hour twice a day to do both types of PT. Run in the mornings, lift heavy stuff in the evening, or vice versa.

Eat right, but don't get too caught up in the hype about any 'super-duper special diet'. Eat properly, lots of meat, veggies, cereals, and leave the fast food/junk food alone. Booze is NOT your friend when trying to lose fat and gain muscle.

Or you can just drink a lot of coffee, dip Cope, and smoke heavily. This'll boost your metabolism as well.  ;D

Read the link, and good luck.
Careful what you take out of that link, alot of it is B.S and could end up getting you hurt. I'm sure you'll understand when you look at the superman routines over there  ::) Want some good advice, join a YMCA-YWCA and get help from a certified trainer, it's free with your membership.
Island Ryhno said:
Careful what you take out of that link, alot of it is B.S and could end up getting you hurt. I'm sure you'll understand when you look at the superman routines over there   ::) Want some good advice, join a YMCA-YWCA and get help from a certified trainer, it's free with your membership.
an excellent point. Keep in mind that everyone's body responds in different way to physical stimuli. Don't get caught up in following any specific workout, find what works for you. This part
get help from a certified trainer
is especially relevent to you. I have a buddy who's in Olympic condition. Once in a while, I'd try to follow him in a workout, and be crippled for days.

I forgot to mention the importance of recuperation. The body doesn't get stronger during the workouts. It gets stronger when you're resting after the workout. The last few hundred meters, or last few reps in the gym, are what causes the body to decide it needs to get fitter, but it can't do that until it's resting. Schedule your workouts to allow plenty of recovery time at first. If you don't have access to a certified trainer, do some research on the 'Net and find books by reputable authors on the subject. Tricky part is finding out who's reputable, and who's a snake-oil salesman.
Agreed ParaCowboy, recovery is the road to riches.

"Oh "meltdown" it's one of those annoying "buzzwords", we prefer to call it an unrequested fission surplus" C Montgomery Burns
Work harder - Eat less.  For all of the exercise advice out there, thats what it really boils down to.  If you want to lose weight you must expend more than you consume, its that simple.

It's not rocket science.  I never tried dieting before but once I figured out the math, I lost 20 pounds between the middle of January and the start of March.

3500 calories = 1 pound

Your maintenance level can be found here - http://www.caloriecontrol.org/calcalsm.html

calories burned here - http://www.caloriesperhour.com/index_burn.html

If your maintenance level is 2000 calories per day, and you eat 1500 (assuming zero exercise) it will take 7 days to lose 1 pound.  (500 x 7=3500)

Exercise will increase the rate at which calories are lost.

Consult your doctor and ensure, however, that whatever you decide to do, it is healthy and safe.
Good way to lose fat is also to do endurance training combine with cardio. High reps low weight.
Eat vegies and run your ass off!  ;D oh and stop drinkin that beer  ;)
alright guys, im now at a standoff with my damn scale, i run every other day for about half an hour, and i work out the days im not running (strictly upper/mid body for now so i dont over due it on my legs) now between the 2nd week of july, and as of the 16th of last week   i lost about 13lbs, now for the last week, i havent been able to move it at all, i only eat about 1800-2400 calories a day (i think my body needs about 2800 according to some online calculators ive used) plus the work outs, plus all the lifting and moving around i do at work (8 hours on my feet about 3-4 in a very fast paced walk / very light jog)   now im wondering if i am getting to FEW calories so my body is slowing down /shutting down my metabolism? is that a possibility? or do i further cut my calorie intake to lose weight? im trying to lose another 12 lbs in total by the end of september which i think is possible and reasonable, any suggestions?
You are eating too little for what you are doing. Food is fuel, it stokes your metabolism, try eating extremelyhealthy for the next month or so. Also try eating 6 smaller meals a day, make two of those protein shakes. And shake up your caloric intake from day to day, move it up and down so your body doesn't settle into a routine. Also try this workout; http://www.ruggedmag.com/index.php?type=Article&i=17&a=6 Now GO.
see i thought was the problem, thanks for the quick response man.... Ah well off to work!
Portion control, frequent small meals, lots of water, exercise( at least 6hrs a week, mostly cardio) and time=70+ lbs loss for me.  Island ryhno (once again) says it best,  food is fuel.  When i started I would ask my self when preparing a meal, is this fuel that will help me on my work out, or is it crap.  If it was crap I would not eat it.

train hard.
  Hey man, listen to Fitsumo and Island Ryhno...................they are bang on with their advice.  I ( over the past year or so) just lost approx. 70 pounds too.  I also used the " Food is fuel" thought process.  It works!
70lbs /yr thats a damn decent amount id say, yea small meals are all i actually get, for example, at work i have 3 of my 6 meals, 2 of them are on 10 minute breaks and the other is a 20 minute lunch... i think I'm getting hosed... 40 minutes/8 hrs = Horsecrud  :threat:  anyways,  thanks again everyone but one more question, concerning carbs.... do i need to cut them down or out to efficiently lose weight... for instance a bowl of cereal and a cup of milk has like 30-40 g of carbs , tuna has like 20 g/ 25% of the can..... so on so forth.
dont cut carbs (if you do its an entirely different program w/ entirely different parameters)

cut them down but do -not- eliminate them. bulk of calories comes from carbs so by restricting them you'll get the deficit you need. Try timing carb intakes before workouts too so you dont screw up your energy
Ok, I've read past topics like this long enough, I thought this one was as good as any to ask.

I would like to start a training program while I am at school this year (college) as part of my preparation for the forces after I am done. My main problem is motivation, but I am working on it.

On to the question: What's with the different suppliments, like whey, and all of those, do they work/help, what do you use them for?

any help is appreciated.