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How to lose weight in a healthy way (merged)

You need Whey, and you need creatine. Whey, helps get protein into your body, you should only take it in doses of 30g, anything over that amount and the body cannot process it and it turns to stored energy aka fat.(4 calories in each gram of protein) Creatine Monohydrate, provides energy for muscles, volumization of muscles, bufers lactic acid build up and enhances protein synthesis. These are the only two supplements you need, other than that your wasting your money really.
Island Ryhno, you do not NEED whey( you do need protien) or creatine, BUT they are really the only supplements that work. 
My understanding with creatine( I used when lifting years ago but had to stop cause I was getting really bad headaches from it, weird eh?) is that it is more for "body  building" than overall fitness, is that correct? ( help me out with that Ryhno)
ToRN, do not get sucked in by the hype when you go and buy Whey or Creatine, you will see tonnes of displays that promise the world.  the good thing about taking whey is that it is in liquid form, which means faster absorbtion/synthesis, It gets to the body faster.

As for motivation, fitness is a long, hard road and the only one that can make you train is you.  For me I looked at people like Fuaja Singh, who at 94 is the world record holder for his age group for marathons, Terry Fox, Lance Armstrong, Carl Brashear( watch men of honour), Lisa Bently and Steve Prefontain, all of these people have overcome something major and trained, if they can make the time and effort, why  couldn't I.  It is easy to stay the same, it takes effort to change, but the effort is worth it.  And if you are going in the CF, your training could mean the difference between life and death.

train hard.
You're right of course, you don't need any supplement at all. Creatine is a body building supplement, however it is the only one that has a proven effect on the average joe workout, it helps you lift more for a longer period. Although it may be minimal amounts, it does add up over time. Also something I forgot to mention about creatine, skip the big "loading" period it suggests on the package, you don't need it. Take 5 grams once or twice a day with grape juice or the like. Enjoy.
More info please....

will creatine help with middle distance( 10-16k) to long distance running(20-30k) or with long term biking( +70k), it was during the "loading phase" when my killer headaches happened.  Or should I stick with diet...........i will be doing some research on this now,  but like to get your perspective.

Island Ryhno said:
You are eating too little for what you are doing. Food is fuel, it stokes your metabolism, try eating extremelyhealthy for the next month or so. Also try eating 6 smaller meals a day, make two of those protein shakes. And shake up your caloric intake from day to day, move it up and down so your body doesn't settle into a routine. Also try this workout; http://www.ruggedmag.com/index.php?type=Article&i=17&a=6 Now GO.

Remember, if you aren't eating enough your body goes into "survival mode" thinking it has to conserve what food does come into the system & does that by slowing down the metabolism. However, you still need to eat fewer calories that use up to loose weight....Stick with the advice given remembering what you eat is also an important factor.
swanita said:
Remember, if you aren't eating enough your body goes into "survival mode" thinking it has to conserve what food does come into the system & does that by slowing down the metabolism. However, you still need to eat fewer calories that use up to loose weight....Stick with the advice given remembering what you eat is also an important factor.
exactly right. By not eating enough, and doing it too rapidly, your body begins to think it's entering starvation, and stores up energy (calories) as fat tissue. It slows your metabolism right down, to conserve as much fat as it can.
You keep stuffing your yap every couple hours with a healthy snack, your body has no worries about conserving energy and speeds your metabolism up.
If you're that dead set on losing fat, there are a number of "Bodybuilder" cook books that will show you how to make hay and water taste like something other than hay and water.
Yeah, I was a fatty fat fat. I was on remedial PT and the works. Too much beer and smokes at the Junior Ranks, so I made a concerted effort to change my ways. This was patially due to my father-in-law having a massive heart attack. I thought it was about time to sort myself out! The only problem is that after six months of intensive training I was not loosing any weight (of the fatty variety, I was gaining muscle). One of the Pe&r staff asked me how much water I consumed in a day. It dawned on my that the two pots of coffee I was downing everyday was not cutting the mustard. I needed to in take a lot more water... a lot!
Has anybody found the PERFECT nutrition plan? A few other threads point out some sights but they all seem to universally lack actual meal lists, shopping lists or recipies. I have yet to find something that works for me. I can ruck, I can run but I can't keep my damn hands out of the cookie jar! I want to lose my extra weight. Anybody have a perfect balanced 3Xaday meal?
Any ideas?
Try six meals a day so you're not hungry in between. And this works: www.bodyforlife.com it has foodlists and recipes and even exercise demo's. Good luck!
Someone must have told my wife about that 6 meals a day thing, im going to find whoever it was and punch them out
Step 1: Get your hand out of the cookie jar.In fact, get rid of the cookie jar all together.
Step 2: Lose the 3 white things in your diet...Sugar, White Flour, Salt
Step 3: John Berardi....awsome adive from that one...heres the site http://www.johnberardi.com/articles/  
Step 4: Make your new nutrition program a LIFESTYLE...not a diet that you get off of after you've reached your goals.Otherwise it'll just be a mean cycle.
Good advice semper. I stopped keeping junk food in my house and somehow I have lost a bunch of weight. Sometimes just changing your diet slightly can help. You still have to exercise but to get rid of fat ( bad fats like trans and saturated) ,and  stop eating junk. Like semper said, white bread is the devil, so is salt cause it makes you retain water. Changed from white bread to whole grain, eat lots of veggies (spinach is good and you can use it for salad, on sandwiches etc and it's so good for you), fruit, changed from canola oil to olive oil when cooking, lots of water(i add lemons, sooooo tasty), fish (one of the best foods for you and it's so easy to make).
I'm making a joke and implying she eats too much.

Joking aside, suggesting to someone that they should try to eat 6 meals a day when they probably dont have the backround or discipline to safely do that probably isn't a good idea.  get skinny/get in shape fast tricks are usually just that. A trick.
Eating six meals a day is not a get skinny/get in shape "trick". It's a basic building block of nutrition and fitness. A reason why people reach for the cookie jar is because they are hungry. They live by the old "three squares a day" adage and in the long run it hurts them. Generally if you eat only 3 meals per day you load up at those times and tend to dump a ton of calories into you. If you eat six smaller meals a day, you generally feel full all the time and have no need to binge. The principle takes some getting used to for most people as they have the ingrained 3 meals idea. You have to test run it and see what works best for you, and adjust your intake accordingly. Also if you are referencing Bill Phillips, Body For Life as a gimmick, then I'm sorry you feel that way. His idea is a lifestyle and lifetime change, not a get skinny quick trick and it is full of good advice.
So that will work for someone who knows what their doing. Who's in the lifestyle. 

If someone eats 3 meals a day and those meals are not balanced, what are the chances that *6* of those meals a day will not be balanced?

Walk before you run.  Sort someone out so their eating 3 good meals a day (3 meals like they are used to) and once they eat responsible, introduce them to something more advanced/requiring more discipline.
Most diets promote what you're promoting, stay on your old habits of three meals per day, just alter like so; 1) Eat less calories 2) Add healthy foods like salad and such. The reason most people fail at this is because they are hungry all the time, by eating 6 smaller meals a day, your caloric intake will go down, you can add healthy choices and your not hungry all the time because you eat about every two hours. You're talking semantics, if people are not eating healthy at three meals a day now, then they not going to eat healthy for 3-6 or even 10 meals a day. Becoming healthy requires a commitment, it requires discipline. Any way to ease the transition from slug to healthy helps and it's not a trick way, it's a healthy and balanced way of doing things.
I'm not a guy who gets into fads, but my wife went on the South Beach diet and I did it too as support. I was pleasantly surprised. The sucker really worked. And I wasn't hungry on it. I did have some sugar cravings for a few days. I've lost nearly 30 lbs. It's a lot like what SemperFidelis mentioned about losing sugar and stuff. The structure of the diet I found very workable, and I went off it completely after awhile and the fat has stayed off.

To each their own, may or may not work for you. Personally I needed the guidance and structure of food lists and information, along with a reasonable dose of self-discipline. After all, no diet works if you don't work it.

Just my .02
I see the wisdom behind eating 6 smaller meals. This is also north america and not europe: smaller meals is easier said than done :)

I'm just biased. For every diet that works, 10 don't.
i hit the field this summer and in 2 wweeks I lost 24ish pounds.  Beef jerky and granola bars.

I'll gracefuly bow out with this link, for fun ;)