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Buschgirl427 said:
How much of a first hand account would it be if you spoke for him Dane? That goes against every history study I've ever done.

Im not going to lie - that confused me
Vernon sounds like a lot of fun. I am going to CL this summer, and it's my first camp so I'm kind of nervous.

Anyone know what my chances of being able to switch to CL Pipes and Drums for pipes are? My piping instructor told me to ask my platoon commander (whoever that turns out to be) to be transferred to PND because he says I would really enjoy it. I have my level basic and already have the level one songs memorized(Fairies Lullaby and Mairie's Wedding, my instructor doesn't have sheet music for Song of the Glen so he didn't teach it to us), and I absolutely love pipes. But even if I remain in CL it sounds like it'll be fun, so I can't wait.
Ask your CO to request the change to CL Pipes and Drums now!!!  (make sure you send a CF 757 with the change as well) 

This is the best way to make the switch.  The change can be made at camp, if there is space in P&D, and room in the barracks etc, but it takes time to get all of the administration done which sometimes can take up to a week to do.  That means you've lost a week of band training and will be a week behind everyone else or you might even miss a critical requirement for your CL training.
What's the confidence course like at Vernon? Is it really difficult? And what does it have in it? Abseil tower, zip lining? That sort of thing?
The confidence course not terribly difficult, all it is pretty much a repel from a cliff, not sure of height, ect, which is for one half of the day. It has a more leisurely side and a faster side, where if you go slow, youll likely smash your knees(at least i did). If it looks intimidating or difficult it seriously isnt. The  other part of the day is a chain of rope bridges of sorts, which Im not even try to describe right now, but im sure there are photos of it. Part of it requires a tad of physical strength, but like most things, its one of thoes that is mostly mental. If anyone wants to elaborate, give 'er.
Bandmaster said:
if there is space the barracks etc,

Barracks space has never stopped them before :p I remember that awesome night last summer where I had 113 male Cadets and 108 beds. Brilliant.
Dane said:
Barracks space has never stopped them before :p I remember that awesome night last summer where I had 113 male Cadets and 108 beds. Brilliant.

That must have been fun, I'm sure the 5 cadets who had no bed were just ecstatic about it.

And if the confidence course is half a day of repelling I'm all for it. My corps went abseiling this year and I went down the tower the most out of anyone, I hurt all over the next day (I didn't even realize how many of my muscles I had been using, it hurt to breath because my ribs moved) but if someone had asked me if I had wanted to go again, despite my pain, I would be up that tower as soon as possible. Of course it was only a 32 feet/three story tower, so you were down it pretty quick. There was also a 15 feet tower but I only went on that once when no one else wanted to and I had already been down the 32 foot tower 5 times, it lasted one bounce and my feet were on the ground, it was pretty lame .
For the rope bridges you have to cross 4 bridges.  The first one is easy the second one is harder the third one is more difficult then you have to commando crawl across a single rope between the trees, then you zipline down from the last tree.  Sounds simple...Isn't
As long as it hasn't changed since 2003, then I can take a shot at this.

Consists of 4 rope bridges, and then a zip line out of the trees after the last bridge. (forgive me, I forget the terms)

1. Rope along the bottom with a rope on each side meeting at the bottom. (so VERY stable)
2. Horseshoe shaped loops that you step from one to the next. (swings quite a bit)
3. "Postman's walk"? One rope above and one to step on. (Not bad, except shorties like me could barely reach the top rope. If I had been overweight than the bottom rope would dip and I wouldn't have been able to reach)
4. "Commando crawl"? One rope you "crawl" your way across. (found it a bit nervewracking lowering myself down onto, but good after that. Look out for rope burn on this one. - Advice to females, wear a sportsbra, underwire will cause severe pain!)

There is also a rappelling course up there as well, consisting of a "basic" and "advanced" course. The "basic" is a pretty smooth walk down basically. The "advanced" has a bit of a ledge a little ways down that you jump off of.

The Basic Cadets had a separate course that was first used in 2003 I believe. It consists of a bunch of small obstacles, and is up by Tent City. Very neat little course actually!

There you have it, as I remember from my last summer there.  :)

I'll see if I can post a pic or two tonight when I get home from work.
Well I managed to find 2 pictures of myself on the course.

Picture 1 - You can see the last 3 of the 4 bridges
Picture 2 - A closer one of me on the Commando Crawl, but also shows a bit of the zip line
So who all has their movement orders that are going to Vernon? I have mine, I leave at 10am on July 8th. Any Edmonton area cadets leave at the same time? My movement orders say flight CN 9624, anyone else on the same flight (except, of course, those from my own corps, 3068)?
I recieved my Mov O's about a week ago.. but I dont live in Prarie Region. I leave the morning of July 1st at 10am. I'm assuming you're not staffing, judging by your departure date  :p
Yep, I'm just a regular course cadet, but man am I excited about it. Count down to camp: 16 days! Yay!  ;D
16 days eh? Hmm. Only 8 for me now ;D It's going to be a pretty rad summer. Which course are you taking?
I'm taking regular CL, unless I can get a transfer to CL pipes and drums. I've already started packing  ;D
Hah, you sound very eager. That's a good thing! Well I'm sure you'll have an awesome time in CL this year. I staffed CL last year and had a blast doing that, so I hope it'll be just as exciting for you  :)
Aww, good ole Vernon. I haven't really thought about that place in a while. But digging those Confidence Course pictures out has brought it all back. I spent 4 great summers there in a row. I hope all of you heading there have a great time, whether it is for course or staff. My last year was as a Platoon WO for the Basics in 2003. Just a piece of advice, if it is your last year there, make sure to cherish it all. I know I really missed it my first summer I couldn't attend.
2003 eh? I took Basic Marksman that year. Which course were you staffing?
2003 I was staffing Basic Army Cadet. I was 28 Platoon Warrant. (Tiny female, WO. Card)