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i really miss camp how do i get over it??
Vernon rox :'(
Whats this have to do with recruiting for the CF?

You get over missing summer camp by moving on, an doing other things  :p
lol sup Doc, anyways... yeah Vernon PRIDE... you will NEVER get over missing Vernon =D  i know for a fact
hey kwan hey doc.....kwan wasn't it asian pride in the bush? but yeah missing vernon will never go away....i will never forget both of my years there....they were great.....mandee do you know anyone by the last name (removed)?
lol I know that story about Doc. he was in Plt my Sgt lol well we all cried when he left, he was a great guys :p!

mandee do you know somone by the name of (removed by moderator)
YEAH VERNON PRIDE!!  I'll be there this summer for CLI D&C!!
I made a mistake Sgt (removed by moderator) was in my plt not Sgt Doc. oops. I met a (removed by moderator) she went out with my bestfriend Max, but I dont know her though.
Madchicken do you know a (removed by moderator)

Please refrain from posting other peoples names.
burrows it is okay i am useing my name.....shaylee james is my name......yeah mandee i went out with max....i dont think i know you....thought either......well talk to you later eh....sory about the name thing burrows

*Gives Meridian a commonsense cookie*
For those that are die-hard Vernon fans, why not join the Vernon Army Cadet Camp Alumni Association? We have organized two very successful reuniions so far. Over 1200 ex-Vernon types have attended. Young and old. The Association is for anyone who attended the cadet camp either as VACC or VACSTC. Check out www.vaccalumni.ca   :salute:

hey mabey i should cheack out that site thinggy.....mandee  will pvt message you...
kwan said:
lol sup Doc, anyways... yeah Vernon PRIDE... you will NEVER get over missing Vernon =D   i know for a fact

No offence, but I think I would get over Vernon very easily, if I had a chance for Whitehorse, Vernon is not far enough away from home for me ( I live an Hour North of Vernon)

- Shawn
i live in toronto and i am applying for whitehorse this summer for staff. hope i get it :D