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Search for previous service blocking enrolment


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Hey all. Question for anyone in recruiting that might have an answer.

Long story short… I applied for PRes back in September 2019 and passed all phases except medical where I was declared medunfit at that time. Appealed to RMO and declared medfit Jan 2021. Have since been reinterviewed, completed all paperwork, passed another Force test and received my RS. I even have an enrolment slot "held" for me in September.

The issue is that my recruiter is still waiting for previous service search results. I spent a VERY short time in the reserves back when I was 17 which was several decades back.

My question is if anyone knows what the process for this search is. I suspect the records are lost or buried. Will someone in that department eventually just sign off saying they can’t be found or will I remain in limbo for a long time to come? The search was initiated in May 2021. :( From what I'm told I cannot proceed to enrolment without this and would really like to be course loaded for the fall BMQ after waiting so long. I know, hurry up and wait, since so far it's not looking good for a September start.