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see.......if i was a betting man i would have guessed that very thing............suppose i'll have to break out my old magic 8-ball and see what it has to say on the matter.
Cassie Lou Tellis started this thread. He wants to get a hold of you. PM me I will get his number to you....
Lou Tellis???!  what does that maniac want?

I have got some great stories about that mexican
Just have a look at their profiles......click on their names.......and you should have a bit more info.   If you use the PM button, you can send them private messages.  Me, I was PEIR way before your crowd, in 1974 - 1977 and 1979.  My group of guys was Eugene Stairs, Pat Sinnott, Bruce and Matt Macdonald, JP MacIntyre, Brian Francis, Mike Francis, Paul Knox, Carl Payne, Charlie Thomas, Ted Marsh, Treavor Jones, Herbie Mahar, Don Walsh, Brian Walsh, Pat King, Brian DeCoste, Jim McNutt, Garry Naylor, all kinds of Arsenault's, all kinds of Gaudet's, Dave Corney, Sid Curtis, Kim Pineau, John Stevenson, CO's like Col Connolly, Irving, Ready, and on and on and on......

[Edit:  hit post a few minutes (?) ago and didn't notice that someone had made a post that delayed mine......letting it sit for all this time...... Anyway, have fun tracking everyone down.  Lew Tellis is on this site somewhere......he'll probably catch up with you soon   ;D ]
Jim mcNutt was a PEIR guy? whew was he always....well.... so McNutty?
Chuck Thomas, B Decoste, B&M Francis, E Stairs quite a bunch...must have been interesting when they were young I'm sure

Dave Laybolt around that far back?
Don't think he was in that crowd.  Name is familiar though.  Lot's of PEIR went RCD and Strat.  Many have returned to the Island.

[Edit to add:  Check out the PEIR website.]
CaseySheppard said:
Lou Tellis???!  what does that maniac want?

I have got some great stories about that mexican

You, Lou, a certain OCdt and the 6A crse En Frce in 95.  Good time eh Shep?  You should know me, I was the other c/s...I think I was USS Saratoga once... ;)

Ha I was thinking last night about the DAG in Dec 92 for Yugo, and the back of the bus every morning, the "canard" saying in french and all the pi$$ed off guys from 2 RNBR... :rofl:

PM incoming...

Edit - "Bolt" is out, did his 20 and they retired him, but everytime I am at The Regiment the past 5 years he is there...standing around over by the D Sqn lines.  I don't think he rappels anymore though  ;)

Not sure if George was referring to the Association website, but here's a link...

Yeesh, talk about a litany from the past...

I just heard from Errol MacEcheran the other day. He's back from Afghanistan, but he didn't say much more.

I haven't heard from Paul in a while but Gramps is on this site.

soooooooooooo  why don't you guys bang me off some IM's and tell me who the hell you all are?
RecceDG said:
I haven't heard from Paul in a while but Gramps is on this site.


And posted to Upper Canada now too.  Came with a Leaf IIRC.
I was edu-ma-cated a few years back.  I can even use the telephone now too.  :blotto:

I am known for faxing blank pages around the units though.  ;D
I am completely blown away........are you still partying at all "Office Recce Man"? :skull:

You wouldn't know mud if you saw a WW2 movie with some in it.
It's der killing joke.

Anybody know what happened to RSM Hughes? Quinn 'n' Murph? Matt Wright?