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Domestic and Arctic Mobility Enhancement Project

Colin Parkinson

Army.ca Legend
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Reviving an old thread, based on an interesting article from Strategypage:

While a nuclear powered, semi icebreaker LASH (Lighters Aboard Ship) might be a bit much, given the extreme conditions that it is ment to operate under, the Sevmorput is perhaps the most reasonable solution possible for the arctic. Certainly Canada is now moving towards developing small, modular nuclear powerplants, so we could indeed go that way if desired, but even without nuclear power, this type of ship seems ideal to provide logistics support to the far North for most of the year. The use of on board lighters allows you to send supplies even into shallow waters, and the Sevmorput also has several on board cranes so it can transfer cargo containers and other supplies and equipment to a dock as well.

One thing that "we" collectively don't have a real handle on is how to support large scale operations in the arctic. Thinking about ships like this could be one way to extend our reach.
Interesting, didn't think any LASH ships were still in service. Ice strengthened Bay Class or Mistrals would give us enough capacity to move the materials that we could realistically muster as our BV 206 fleet is dwindling as well, as well as provide Forward fleet support and command functions.