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    Special forces looks at recruiting off the street amid shifting demands

    I used to see my long-time acquaintance, MR, doing street traffic and arena patrol at the Corel Centre while I was an usher for events in 2000-2001, hardly a SWAT assignment.
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    Still watching - no study released.  One of the issues of studying data pre-2002 was that there wasn't a Monitor Mass or HRMS to track people who had deployed.  There was not even a single/dual source (one for Reg and one for Res) until after 2010 from which they could query a list of people who...
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    Canadian soldiers suffer frostbite during winter training

    In Shilo and Gagetown the ranges used to close at -35'C without wind chill.  When I was part of the schools in those locations we still went to the field a lot but not always overnight.
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    Proper Use of Post-Nominals

    For DND - Senior Executive Writing Guide - Format for Signature Blocks in Correspondence Ref: http://www.forces.gc.ca/en/about-policies-standards-defence-admin-orders-directives-1000/1000-3.page
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    "Irregular" / extended working hours

    As Pusser stated below CFAO 36-14 para aa applies and not CFTDI: RATIONS PROVIDED WITHOUT CHARGE 4.    The commanding officer (CO) of a base, unit or ship providing food services is authorized to draw rations for and provide meals without charge to: aa.  on the authority of a supervisor not...
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    VAC Education and Training Benefit (ETB) [Merged]

    First option, you could do an Access to Information Request, (this can be done online, see link 3 below). You should find a Record of Qualifying Service CF 2440 on your Personnel file - you could request an entire copy or just the form - Personnel Files are stored Bank Number: PSE 901 Here...
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    CAF Beard policy-CANFORGEN 158/18

    The land of gun racks and big trucks known as the Army of the West has always been an example - not always the right side of good enough!
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    CAF Beard policy-CANFORGEN 158/18

    http://www.rcaf-arc.forces.gc.ca/en/flight-safety/article-template-flight-safety.page?doc=a-ga-135-001-aa-001-chapter-8-post-occurrence-activities/hnfpma84 e. Disposable Industrial Dust Mask (referred to as N95 mask). When this light, comfortable industrial dust mask is properly fitted to the...
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    Medical Laboratory Technologists

    Kingston has one public service position and one mililtary position only authorized for contractor backfill.  Trenton, Moose Jaw, Bagotville, Cold Lake, Greenwood and Winnipeg also have labs (2-3 lab techs - combination public service, military and contractor staff) because air crew require...
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    What book are you reading now?

    I enjoyed but often wondered if I had to finish it! :sarcasm:
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    Royal Navy Invade Florida- Locals Angry

    Many countries have the gratuity (up to 15%) included in the bill at the restaurant.  Normal tip is 5-10% in countries that do not include.  10% is considered a big tip in many European countries. One source: https://www.getours.com/expert-travel-advice/money-travel-tips/tipping-in-europe
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    Joint Force Command Naples has plenty of updated info on Ex Trident Juncture 18: https://jfcnaples.nato.int/exercises/trident-juncture-18/trident-juncture-18-news Norway feed here: https://forsvaret.no/en/exercise-and-operations/exercises/nato-exercise-2018
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    CAF Cannabis Use 2018- DAOD 9004-1

    My understanding is that new applicants are not currently being asked about cannabis consumption.  So rather than speculating, I would contact the nearest recruiting centre now to see what they have to say!  I don't think waiting until it is legalized is the only option.
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    Religion in the Canadian Forces & in Canadian Society

    https://quoteinvestigator.com/2016/11/02/foxhole/ 'They' said, Trenches, then foxholes, within a half-mile of trenches, on Bataan... "the earliest citations known to QI point to an anonymous origin during World War 1 for the adage using the word “trenches”. The World War 2 saying using the...
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    RCAF aircrew shortage

    How about 3 words rather than 3 things:  Anticipate, Adapt, Act - sound familiar - the latest commitments involved little anticipation and no time for adaptation and the government skipped right to act.  The questions you are asking have little to do with reality when the first two steps are...