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Hi there. I am new to these forums and also currently in the processing of enrolling into the CAF. My MOS preferences are Aviation Systems Technician and Materials Technician.
I just recently did my medical exam yesterday, and was given 2 forms to bring to my doctor.
The first is a general medical information form regarding my right ring finger which is slightly disfigured due to a bone and tendon injury, although I am able to do everything on a day to day basic without it being problem, as well ride a motorcycle, mountain bike, go to the gym, etc. I’m wondering if anyone here would have any insight on whether this will be a disqualifying factor or not? I will attach a picture as well.
I also was given a second form for a Psychiatric, since I have used antidepressants during 2021 and the first 3 months of 2022, however I have been off of them since March, and the issues I was facing are completely gone, I am off the medication completely and I have no mental health issues at all. Just once again wondering if anyone can provide any insight as to how this reflects on the medical assessment, and how they go about determining medical fitness? I’m not going into combat arms or anything like that, I mainly want to work with my hands in a skilled trade related occupation, so I’m hoping they will not find me medically unfit.
Please and thank you.


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I had a similar situation with the antidepressant. On my side, it was for anxiety. I stopped medication at the beginning of 2022. Few months ago, I got my medical rejection. I was told that I need to be off medication for at least one year and then I would be able to appeal. They handed me the same Psychiatric form that my doctor completed. Now he will need to complete it again after one year off medication.
That being said, each case is treated on a individual basis so maybe it won't be the same for you.

Thank you
Hello Space1 and thanks very much for the reply!
So I did the same recently, completed the forms and submitted them along with any relevant information as well.
I just got the email in the morning earlier today that I have been found medically fit for AVN Tech and Mat Tech.
I guess they also view each candidate differently based on what occupation you are applying for.
Hopefully your appeal process goes well and quick and you are able to proceed into basic.