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  1. T

    Combat Engineer to Medical Officer

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I have some questions about joining in the near future and how I can fully make the most of the CAF with my goals. I want to be a medical officer, I’m receiving post secondary education in the sciences in hopes of successfully attending...
  2. T

    Medical Results taking forever

    HI, I had my medical interview and phone interview done 7 months back. Then they asked me fill DND 2780 as I am 40 years old. I got it filled and sent 15 days afterwards. I got confirmation from CAF that they have received the form. But afterwards I have not seen any movement in my application...
  3. B

    CFAT done

    Hello to all of you again! This is my second post here. As per my last one, today I completed my CFAT and the MCC said I qualify for both my desired trades. Afterwards, he put them in order on basic of what I want more. Regardless, thank you all for providing me with the practice materials...
  4. abrockstar24

    No valid references

    So im in the process of filling out the verification form. And I have no valid references from the last 5 years. The only references I could use employer wise, are family. Ive never stayed in contact with old employers or stayed at the job long enough to warrant knowing them for so long. So im...
  5. B

    Applying as a PR

    Hello! I am a Burmese lad who's turning 19 the next month. I came to Canada a few years back (2018). Now living as a PR. While the recruiter I spoke to said I can apply with my current status. I am still not sure if I should apply now or should I wait for my citizenship and IF I do not get...
  6. M

    Personal reference interview was canceled on short notice?

    I have completed my CFAT, medical, and interview. I am relatively confident all three of them went well. I have since spoken this weekend with one of my personal references on file and it came up that the CF canceled a scheduled telephone interview regarding my application. I plan on calling to...
  7. paalerik

    job with the CAF ?

    Hey, I started the recruitment process autumn 2022 while living in Rivière du Loup, my detachment was Rimouski and the guy told me to ask for infantry related activities. So I listened to the introduction stuff and registered for the CFAT in French where I scored 39-60 and was qualified. Did my...
  8. V

    MPAC dates

    Hello, does anyone know when MPAC dates are for this year? (For Military Police)
  9. J

    Soldier for a day recruiting event.

    The caf have posted a recruiting event called Soldier for a day. Now by the name and sjort description i can already guess that this is to show us a day in the life of a caf member. But does anyone know what kind of activities could be taking place on that day and will they divide people by...
  10. J

    Is regularly messaging my recruiter really gonna make the recruiting process faster?

    I reapplied about 1 month ago for an infantry position in the regular force. My CFAT being already done i was told the process would take between 3-6 months. Now recently i was told by a friend who was in 5-6 years ago that he got in faster by "annoying" his recruiter ever 3-4 weeks and that...
  11. Nightingale93

    Wounded Finger/Medical Question

    Hi there. I am new to these forums and also currently in the processing of enrolling into the CAF. My MOS preferences are Aviation Systems Technician and Materials Technician. I just recently did my medical exam yesterday, and was given 2 forms to bring to my doctor. The first is a general...
  12. T

    Applicant status closed

    Would like to know if this is common. Applicant status is closed but the next step is still showing medical/interview. I've done medical and online interview.
  13. C

    A confusing scenario

    As the title states! I’m being a little vague, but as for the context: I was offered a position, but then this position wasn’t actually available. My Recruiter opted to ask to waive my score to join a different trade that the unit has need for (not just reattempt the CFAT) I am not going for...
  14. J

    Can I join signals with incredibly mild asthma

    I applied to the army in 2016 and the RMO sent me a letter saying I am medically unfit because I had been regularly prescribed a ventolin inhaler which is meant for relief during asthma attacks. I played junior a hockey at the time, never did use the inhaler but the trainer said he wanted one on...
  15. A

    Psychiatric concerns for enrollment help

    Hi, So I’m currently applying to be an medical assistant for the reserve. Ive had ptsd, depression and anxiety, for which I have completed my treatment and have no symptoms left since jan. 2021. I still take my celexa but could come off it if necessary. I have no problem performing well under...
  16. executiee

    Didn’t even get my RMO letter in the mail. What do I do now?

    Hello everyone! I’m here because I have decided to reapply into Reg Force instead of ROTP. I didn’t get in because of my medical. After reading this forum two years ago I decided to take people’s advice and wait a while before reapplying. Two years past and I have realized that I didn’t even...
  17. M

    Question regarding service and return to civilian life

    Hello all, new member here. I would like to pose a hypothetical regarding service in the CF that I hope someone can shed some light on for me. If I decide to serve in the CF for any length of time, and I later leave the CF back to civilian life and then become politically active (let's say in...