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What if....A Super disaster? Impact on Canada or the world? Napkin speculation


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Forget the 'Big One'. It seems that we can't even be ready for the first big snowfall of the year:

Councillors in Metro Vancouver call for 'snow summit' to better prepare for snowstorms​

Transportation ministry says it is open to meeting with municipal officials, transit authorities​

Two Metro Vancouver councillors are trying to organize a "snow summit" that would bring together municipal leaders, provincial officials, transit authorities and maintenance contractors to discuss how to co-ordinate and improve the region's response to major snowfalls.

Surrey Coun. Linda Annis and New Westminster Counc. Daniel Fontaine co-signed a letter on Thursday, calling for an analysis of the breakdowns that choked Metro Vancouver roads and highways during the snowstorm earlier in the week.

They are asking George Harvey, chair of the Metro Vancouver Regional District, and B.C. Minister of Transportation Rob Fleming to bring municipal officials, leaders and transportation agencies like ICBC together for a meeting.

On Tuesday, 20 centimetres of snow blanketed municipalities across B.C.'s South Coast, causing major traffic congestion and vehicle pileups, effectively paralyzing road transportation in the Lower Mainland.

"Winters are getting colder and colder," she told CBC News when asked what she wanted discussed at the summit.

"Do we have enough budget allocated? Do we have enough equipment and manpower to be able to handle these snowstorms?

Some of those people will finally need to buy snow shovels and winter tires.



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