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Ways to Fail Basic

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Is keeping your kit and personal items clean and neat the most important part of Basic? Or can you also fail it in combat practice and physical training?
It‘s all important. Do your best at everything you do and stop worrying about beating the system. You won‘t.
You can also fail by not putting the necessary time and attention into studying your classroom notes before tests and in not being prepared for the skill tests on weapons handling. Don‘t get distracted by the fact that instructors may be in your face each morning inspection over your kit. Extra hours on kit may make morning inspection less stressful, but putting those extra hours on kit instead of studying to prepare for written and practical tests will see you fail the course, average performance on inspections will not. As Mike Dorosh notes, a balanced focus on all things is the best approach.

In short, you won‘t fail for having an unrolled strap on your webbing. You‘ll just get crap for it. You‘ll fail for not remembering the content of a lecture on NBCD.
I agree with Mike.

Having done Recruit School, Trades training (both 3‘s and 5‘s) and having been beasted at JLC/JNCO the most stressful part of all were the kit inspections. Hindsight 20/20 I wasted too much time on my kit. However fail too many PO‘s after having spent time mucking with your kit for the 25th time each evening instead of studying will get you nowhere. Balance is important, but just put up with the morning hassle, but do routine well, and keep the important aspects in focus. Study, PT and move everywhere fast.
As long as you put a good effort into everything you do, you should not have to worry about being failed on basic. The ‘modern‘ basic is more forgiving than what it used to be like, and I got the impression that the instructors will not fail you unless you are consistently a danger to yourself and others (i.e. weapons training) or if your attitude is poor.

The real danger for going home is yourself. Nobody on my basic course was kicked off for failing, but we lost about 8-9 people (out of forty-something) who voluntarily released, or were released for medical reasons. The attitude to finish and do well is key.
Keeping your items clean is the most important item for any member. If your gas mask isn‘t fully clean, you may end up using it in its state...causing problems. You wouldn‘t eat with filthy KFS ect. Plus if you take pride of being in the CF, you will take pride in your uniform/kit.
I think the key thing about basic is attitude. Don‘t even THINK about failing, and you won‘t. It‘s a matter of perspective. As for tests, I don‘t know about regF but on mine if you failed a test you could take it again, and most everyone passed the second time. They‘re all multiple choice...not hard at all. The weapons handling you just have to pay attention, make sure you know all your drills and practice, practice practice. But most importantly...positive attitude! :)
be careful though, my test was * max sarcasim * FILL IN THE BLANK !! The tests are basically make sure you didn‘t sleep through the lectures.
You could ‘snap‘ and do the funky chicken on the shack floor. That would fail you and the 20 or so others that I have seen that happen to. Some can‘t handle the stress. Most can.
Let me get this straight: you are asking for ways to FAIL basic trg ??? Why don‘t you just stay home, and save us the paperwork.
Allright, here‘s some advice: keep the same attitude as here, you‘ll be given a return ticket in no time. :rolleyes:
Jonsey, The ways to fail are numerous and would not fit on this page.

The way to graduate is simple. Do what you are told and give 100% at all times. Not unlike anything else in life. They will be taught left from right and even how to shower and clean themselves. Just pay attention is all we ask.

I had a troopie ask me once on the grenade range how he could fail. Can you believe that? :eek: I said if you drop that ****in thing at my feet I will not only fail your *** but if I live, I will kill you right ****in dead. Now don‘t be nervous. :warstory:
The CFTS allows for a candidate to fail a maximum of three POs (Performance Objectives), with a retest after a minimum of twenty-four hours of contemplation time in between. Even if the retest is a pass, the highest mark you con receive is a Sixty. In most PCs (Performance Checks) there are critical elements that MUST be accomplished or the test is a fail. Some POs are considered more critical than others. An Infantryman that can‘t remember TOETs at all is not going to pass the course. I know for a fact that are clerks out there that are still unsure which end the bullets come out of. Jutes, you are sporting the old RCAF logo and list your interests as aviation, if you are going to be a pigeon, don‘t worry about it too much. The airforce trades that deal with aviation pretty much do away with anything remotely close to military bearing so as to ensure that you are not too stressed out to absorb the knowlege that is required for the proper care and maintenance of our aeroplanes.

If you ARE trying to fail, you could just "forget" to wind up the rubber bands one day.

True story; Abuddy of mine that is Staff in StJean told me that a female recruit who decided that she would just stay in bed one day, wasn‘t removed from training (not recoursed, not RTM, nothing), not even charged for AWOL. The moral of the story is, you‘ll have to try really hard to get kicked out of recruit school.
Stay in bed! LMAO!
In the old days we would have set it on fire.
She/he would have moved. :salute:
Yes, I am trying to fail Jungle. I‘m going into the military so i can waist 2 years of my life, don‘t get an education, and live in my parents house for the rest of my life............ :rolleyes: Why would i ask a question like that? :blotto:

Staff, thanks for the info. It looks like all you basically have to do is listen in class.......no problem here, don‘t act nervous and keep everything neat and organized......although they still might find something wrong with it, but I can‘t do much about that.

The airforce trades that deal with aviation pretty much do away with anything remotely close to military bearing so as to ensure that you are not too stressed out to absorb the knowlege that is required for the proper care and maintenance of our aeroplanes.
I don‘t quite understand that...........so what i learn in Basic pretty much has nothing to do with my trade?

I think with the state of our aircraft in the Forces, i‘m going to have no problem finding something to work on.

This advice, and a dollar, will get you a cup of coffee.... :)

When you get to Basic, I suggest two things:
1- work as hard as you can, as long as you must, and
2- sleep 8 hours a night.

You will find that you can work an awful lot longer, and harder, than you ever thought you could. Realise this, and never give up. I feel pretty confident that I am not alone in stating that I will put a LOT more effort into helping a trainee that is truly giving his or her all than I would give a slack individual.

Re sleep: I have been on a course or two, and early on realised that if I didn‘t get a minimum of 8 hours sleep a night, I simply didn‘t absorb all the information that I was expected to learn the next day. Note that there will be times when you will go several days without sleep, and weeks with a couple of hours sleep out of every 24. These times are called "the field", and are not basic training.

Many folk get behind on the non-essential stuff. For instance, your boots will NOT be "good enough" until at least half way through the course- do the best you can, but don‘t stay up all night working on your boots, not any other item of kit. Learn what you have to learn, do your best on your kit, then be properly contrite when your NCO blasts your boots- he‘s paid to do it, you‘re paid to listen. It‘s part of the training.

There have been a lot of folk go through basic, and they were all worried too...most made it.

Again, work as hard as you can, and sleep.

Lastly, if you ain‘t having fun, take a long look at how you‘re living.

How the **** can you get 8 hours of sleep on basic? That is impossible. We went to sleep at 11pm and got up at 4:30am because PT is at 5am and everyone has to be ready by then. Wash, shave get dressed and at least get your bed in order because you‘ll have about 30 mins to prepare for inspection.
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