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Ways to Fail Basic

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Have not reached the rank of Geritol yet Slacker.
I‘m not that old and it is only from behind the computer that you can make such comments. Rest assured that I‘m still hard enough to throw you around like a rag doll. The only thing that would hold you together after 45 seconds with this old **** would be the uniform that someone mistakenly issued you. :crybaby: Of course this is all in good fun but I have a thousand notches on the stick with memories of little ****s like you. Lets go for a little run in the woods sometime. :boring:
It is not wise to call on ones elders, Who im shure could serve up most peoples rear ends on a platter to this day...
I have no idea what would be in store for you, jutes.

I do know that you must do the basic (BMQ), and you will learn the C7 rifle and complete your personal weapons test #1. Atfer that, I have no clue.

I don‘t even think air force do the SQ, I was told that‘s just for army types.

I would imagine, as was mentioned far earlier in this thread, that your main task of fixing/fueling/arming/whatever-you-do-with-them aircraft is what the military will spend most of their time and effort teaching you.

That said, I hear a rumour that air force types also have to do air field security, and this may involve some amount of patrolling and defensive ops, possibly even involving some infantry weapons such as the C9, C6, M203, etc. But I am way out on a limb here, because I have no idea.

But I agree with the other sensible adivce already stated... keep your ears open, mouth in neutral, and try hard at everything they teach you. Aim for a balanced approach, and try to remain the grey man. It sounds like you won‘t have any trouble at all.
I don‘t even think air force do the SQ, I was told that‘s just for army types.
What is SQ?

Also, for future purposes, since this is a forum, could you guys please put in brackets what the short form means? Like BMQ (Basic Military Qualification).

Slacker took his posts and scrammed... pity.

Jutes, the acronym "SQ" and it‘s meaning were mentioned on page 2 of this thread, twice, just above one of your posts.

Since this is a forum... (as you said), try reading it. If you can‘t bear to read the posts in a thread you started, at least use the site‘s search function, or the function built into your browser to search for specific text on a page.

I won‘t cut the crust off your peanut-butter and jelly sandwich for you.

You‘ll get the hang of it.
This has been posted a few times but its is a great site for BMQ information. Some info on common pitfalls and impossible manuevers in

Dont Group Slacker into us REMF‘s

guys with that kind of attitude wouldnt last in our Svc Bn either...
Asking how one can fail basic is a stupid question anyway. And yes, there IS such a thing as a stupid question. It seems as though it may have been just a set up for some crossfire hacking!
Not open for further replies.