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RMC Admissions Question


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Hi all,

For those who know about current RMC application criteria, would it be enough to have 4 years of being a cadet along with 1 year of being Coxswain of a sea cadet corps? My academics are all stellar, with me having a 90% average, and I am currently on the school football team. For further reference, I took the online PCFAT and only got one question wrong in each category. I'm still only an eleventh grade student, so if this may not be suitable for RMC, then I do have time to fix it.

Thank you for any and all contributions!
I'm no expert but that looks pretty good, similar to what I had getting in.

Making sure to keep an open mind always to learning new things when in the military(and learn it the way your instructor wants you to, what you learned before does not matter while on the course. Do what is asked of you.) is the one piece of advice that always should come with anyone with military-like experience same goes for me too.

Maybe someone who actually knows what they're talking about can elaborate further but all the minimum requirements are online.