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Question applying to RMC …


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Im a second year cegep student in Quebec and I recently got a link to apply to RMC, but I think it is telling me to submit all the grades transcripts. But the thing is, my grades started to drop after entering cegep. 89 average in highschool and now around 79-81. I also realized that i dont meet the minimum 75% requirement for my English course for my first semester… I was thinking if its possible for me to only submit my high school grades and start over at RMC st jean? I would like to know if this is even possible. If not, im considering ROTP/CIVU, since i can guarantee getting into McGill engineering or polythec with my Rscore. What would be the requirements for ROTP/CIVU? (Grades, etc)
keep in mind if your program for ROTP is offered at RMC, there is very little chance you will be offered civvy university for ROTP, even if you have acceptance already from a civilian univeristy.