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Pinball Thread

Unrelated but I remember spending hours on an AC/DC pinball machine at a pool hall I worked at. Was never busy on the day I worked and I had the key lol.
I used to sail with a lady who was big into pinball out here in Halifax... I wish I could remember her name...
Bruce, how much do pinball machines sell for in your area? The prices here have gotten ridiculous, people wanting $3000-4000 for old machines.
Bruce, how much do pinball machines sell for in your area? The prices here have gotten ridiculous, people wanting $3000-4000 for old machines.
Same here.....but things have slowed down so maybe prices will go down a little.
I have one for sale that would have been gone in a day last year at this time......been a week now, no bites.
Popped up in my fb feed:

Pinball machines being destroyed during the pinball prohibition. They were banned in NYC as well as other major US cities like Chicago and Los Angeles between the 1940s and 1970s

But then came "The Man Who Saved The Game".

Roger Sharpe is a professional pinball player, game designer, activist, and author.

Sharpe gained notoriety following a 1976 New York hearing where he provided a demonstration to members of the Manhattan City Council, that pinball was a game of skill rather than a game of chance, and therefore not subject to legal prohibitions on gambling. He was recruited by the Amusement and Music Operators Association to testify, and successfully predicted the position of the ball in a machine arrayed for the council and media in attendance. Speaking at the hearing, Sharpe said "Look, there’s skill, because if I pull the plunger back just right, the ball will, I hope, go down this particular lane." Following Sharpe's demonstration, the council voted unanimously to lift the existing ban on pinball. In 2021, MPI Original Films announced they were developing a film based on Sharpe entitled Pinball: The Man Who Saved the Game.

After graduating the University of Wisconsin with a degree in marketing, Sharpe took a position as editor with GQ Magazine. He has written for The New York Times and authored a 1988 book entitled Pinball!. He served as editor of 1980s publication Video Games Magazine.

He continued working in the industry, including designing a number of pinball machines, such as Sharpshooter and Cyclopes, which both bear his likeness. He was co-founder of the Professional Amateur Pinball Association, and has been described as "among the greatest players in the world and one of the architects of competitive pinball."He serves as co-chair of the International Flipper Pinball Association.

Sharpe has two sons, Josh and Zach, who have also participated in competitive pinball. Both sons work in the gaming and pinball industry, and the trio all remain active in advocacy and coordinating pinball competitions, all variously considered among the top players in the world.
And for anyone of you whom have tinkered with anything with fuses in it, I challenge you to find worse fuse holders then what used to go into old Bally pinball machines. This I just took out of a non-working Delta Queen [1974].....hmm, power supply issues,,...gee, say it ain't so.


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If anyone is ever interested in buying and/or selling a pinball or arcade game, here is a group I created. Trying to keep some of the scammers out of the process....

I will be there,...bringing a few games.

Saturday, June 3rd, 2023
10am - 8pm
Wasaga Sports Park - Fernbrook Hall
1888 Klondike Park Road
Wasaga Beach, Ontario
*$10 Admission - kids 12 and under free
*Games set to free play all day!
*Bring the family and play some new and old games!
*Pinball, Arcade Games, Gameroom Stuff
*Vendor area - Games/Parts for sale - Swap and Sell
*Free Seminar on Pinball LED lighting by pinballrom. com's Dave Astill
*Come meet old friends in the hobby...and make new ones!
*Looking for more vendors!! Bring your arcade and pinball games for sale! Bring your parts for sale! Other game room related stuff too!
*Pinball Tournament run by Shane from Maple Pinball! $40 entry fee for tournament (50% of tournament fee total to prize pool)
*For more information and to enter the 1st Annual Central Ontario Arcade & Pinball Fest pinball tournament please contact Shane at maplepinballleague@outlook.com
*List of vendors and free play games will be updated here and in the FB groups
*We have a vibrant Pinball and Arcade game community here in Ontario and Quebec...yet most of us travel to the U.S. for related trade shows...Let's celebrate our hobby together here in Central Ontario! (And deal in our own currency!)
*This is an indoor location with nearly 2500 sq' of floor space for our first year! Show goes rain or shine!
*It has a 400 amp service and lots of outlets (power bars also provided on site)
*Tables and chairs provided for vendors
*Smoking area direct outside access
*Bathrooms onsite
*Lots of free parking
*BEST OF ALL - Drive right up to the door for vendors with ground level, direct access into the hall! No stairs - No long haul of your games or parts!
*Building will be open Friday, June 2nd from 4pm till 9pm for vendors and game drop off /set up...and also Saturday morning at 8am till the show starts at 10am
*Central Ontario Arcade & Pinball Fest open to everyone Saturday, June 3rd 10am till 8pm
*Also looking for all those wonderful hobbyists out there to commit to bringing some arcade and pinball games for the free play area! Give everyone a chance to check out something different!
*Yes, you can have a game in the free play area and for sale at the same time! (Cards provided for each free play game with the year and title, person who generously provided it, and whether the game is available for sale or not with price/contact info if desired)
Please contact:
Dave Astill at astillentertainment@rogers.com
Rob Edwards at robbie29@live.com
*We hope to see lots of you there - Let's have some fun and make this a success together!!