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Pinball Thread

[from the show organizer]


Here is the official vendor list for OPGS'19

Player 1 Amusements Group: Not sure what they're bringing, but it's safe to say it's going to be awesome and will sell!https://www.winwithp1ag.com

Poolman OCD Pinball: He's back. Known for high end pinball restorations, Poolman has confirmed he will be setting up shop at the show. Get there early because I'm sure his stuff will go fast!

Alouette Amusements: The Man, The Myth, The Legend R.A.B. with be representing Alouette Amusements / The North Star / Montreal Pinball / You name it, brother. Get in touch with Mr. Barake for pre-orders and likely a great and informative chat. https://www.alouetteamusement.com/

Glitch Artwork: T-Bone and Jillian Forest are not only competitive pinballers, they also make some of the greatest retro gaming artwork I have ever seen! Glitch Artwork have made most of the trophies for every tournament in recent years, the Bar display at Tilt Toronto, and are super rad people. I have many of their shadow boxes on my walls at home and someday will have them all! (muahahahahaha) https://glitchartwork.com/

Skoser Clothing: I grew up in South Porcupine Ontario, and 2 houses down was a dude named Paul. I've been close friends with this guy for 30 years, and anytime I need merch, I go with Skoser. Every OPGS since 2011 has had merch from Skoser Clothing. Billed as "Shirts for a cure" Paul has donated a sizable chunk of the proceeds for all orders to the Canadian Cancer Society. Having received a boatload of help from the cancer society over the past decade, I am 100% on board with this cause. Paul will be making shirts to order LIVE at this years show. You get a little bit of live theater, and you leave looking like a boss!

Colony VR: A local business that provides Vr space to rent, running the latest and greatest VR set-ups. They will be running VR experiences for all to enjoy, including VR Pinball. Pretty Rad! https://www.colonyvr.com/

Church of the Silver Ball: Mike and Co. will be bringing a whack of games and parts for sale. As always, their booth is worth a good looooong look!

Dirty Donny: Pinball artist extraordinaire, DD will be signing pinball artwork and will have all his books and blacklight posters available. He'll be there Saturday the 21st from 11am to 6pm. Don't forget your Metallica and Aerosmith translites!!!

Anyone looking to bring projects or parts for fleamarket sale, We are packed to the brim inside, but the parking lot is massive! anyone is welcome to set up shop outside if the weather is nice...... #notornadoes
I haven't posted here in a while I see. This covid really kicked the butt of arcades and leagues and caused pinball prices to skyrocket as lots of folks want one in the home now. I've used it as a time to get games fixed up and realized I've never posted a pic of my hobby. The detached 2 car garage is my mancave as my basement is only 6 feet high, heated floor and woodstove to keep everything toasty warm.

EDIT....even the TV gets out of the way of playing pinball.:cool:


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They've even outgrown into my back room now....


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And pretty much finished this one up today except for some board work [im not smart enough] and waiting on some update parts. Works great though.....travels you back through decades and the music and pinball sounds change with it. Second pic is the burnt connector from all the old lights, the new leds are so much easier on things as the energy consumption goes way down.


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Just out of curiosity, can you get the shop manuals / electronic diagrams for these or do you need to "figure it out" as you go?

Pretty cool hobby / addiction.

Just about any game that's NOT a Gottlieb can be found at IPDP.org. Here is the info for a game I just picked up this evening....an Italian made Devil Riders. https://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?id=672

Any Gottlieb games you must buy them off of PBR Pinball, a guy named Steve Young bought all the rights years ago for a song. Good guy who just took a chance and it paid off, pretty old school, just sent US cash by mail to pay for an order he had already sent me, including a schematic for a 1955 woodrail I want to fix up. So you can go way back for stuff.....


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I'm laughing a little at it needing a battery, they weren't really a thing until solid state games came along capable of memory for high scores and such. No way back in 1934....
I may have a sickness....


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Not much of a video guy, but when a classic Ms. Pacman( not those 1Up things) comes up at a fantastic price one must indulge.


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Cleaning these classic Bally's up should keep me busy for a while..


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Newest addition.......a couple weeks ago but up and running now. Great callouts,.... "There is nothing to fear,...but me".


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Newest addition to the line up. Gottlieb didn't like paying royalties so this is Deadly Weapon instead of Lethal Weapon. Only 803 made back in 1990.....


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