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New Trade Video's on CF Recruiting Website

They (the kids) wannabe NOs  ;D
Cause NO has a cool realistic video

Just gotta remember they are recruiting videos, not training videos.

Mud Recce Man said:
I bet the folks from 1 RCR will appreciate that dig.
I don't get what you mean. I was referring to the fact that Elmo in a uniform would have been better than the old recruiting video. What are you reading?
Sorry, misread the comment.  Thought you were referring to the current one, not old.
Mud I am from 1 RCR and I agree totally with Para.

I didn't join the Infantry to be some clown in the back of a LAV, in fact every year spent in a Mech Bn has seen my soul wither and die just a little bit. Thankfully I was lucky and stayed fit and keen enough that I have avoided anything to do with a LAV my whole career and went to Recce.

As for what sells Para is also right, all you need to do is check out the recruiting commercials for the US Armed forces from the Navy to Army....what do they show, they show Rangers doing a Fast Rope, US SF guys doing a CTR... They Show Seals doing a beach assault and a DA... When kids think Infantry they think of that guy deep in the woods all cammed up watching some enemy position and then getting into a fire fight they think Special Forces type actions (yeah and on a serious note if my 4 man Recce det gets into a fire fight were pooched LOL) So I say we give it to em, like VG said Sex Sells so lets sell our product.

PS: on a side note I know the Pte in that video and your right it's better then the old one, just not by much in my book.
Mud Recce Man said:
Just gotta remember they are recruiting videos, not training videos.
yeah. And you draw recruits by showing the cool stuff Hollywood portrays. Do a montage of snipers, paratroopers (the freefaller in this video was a good touch, as was the helo jump), mountain ops, live fire machinegun shoots -including Mr Browning's best invention, M203 and hand grenades blowing up, hand-to-hand, pathfinder patrols, and a LOT more real-world ops in a variety of settings from A-stan to Africa. Emphasize the travel to far away places, and the danger. THAT is what draws the young men.
I don't think I am disagreeing with Para, or anyone.  I just think the video is better, and hopefully will attract more people than the old one did, that may have seen the old video and went "wtf?".

Perfect?  Nope.  Better?  Yep.

I guess, thats my whole point.  
It better yes, but I still watch that video and say wtf, if I showed that to my civi friends or some younger people thinking of joining I don't think that video sells it at all IMO.

Mud I was just saying I was from 1 RCR and that para had a point it was too much Mech junk not enough sexy.
Roger that, point taken. 

I dunno, atleast someone tried?  Well thats too bad.  It will probably be up there now for years.
I will point out though it is a leaps and bounds better then the old one, it just fall short of what it "could" have been.
paracowboy said:
troops jumping out out of airplanes with big-*** guns, sells. Troops sneaking around in woods, sells. Sneaky bastards cammed up with a giant rifle, all but invisible and hitting targets at ridiculous ranges, sells. You don't see posts of wannabes comin' on here and asking hwo tehy get to drive a LAV around, do you?
You get kids asking how they can be paratroopers, recce patrolmen, pathfinders, and snipers. THAT sells! So show it.
dismounted troops engaging the populace, digging for Int, and prowling the hills, does more to save lives than any amount of steel around you.
I don't care who they're trying to preach to. The assclown in charge of that should not have shown sloppy stuff. He screwed the pooch. We all make mistakes, but that's not what you put out for public consumption.

Honestly it was a Leopard c1 pounding through mudholes a a troop of steel chariots that made me hot under the collar at 17.I'm my opinion there is nothing cooler in the world to tell someone"yah I'm a tank gunner,that's what I do for a living".....now we just gotta convince these young punks that a coyote isn't a tank. (call it a tank again and Ill kill you.....you know who you are).

I was also a little disappointed in the armoured video.Show VCP/TCP,mud op's,convoy escorts with aircover etc.It almost killed me that they are still showing the leopard,unless were going to train to deploy on it again stop teasing me....sort of like a picture of a hot ex girlfriend.

Its an exciting time to be in the corp?New equipment? Am I out of the loop!


oh and by the way the new videos just dont have the same cheese effect as 1970 mustaches.


Somebody shave him...lmao actually I saw an article that said they are coming back into fashion...k

rcac_011 said:
Honestly it was a Leopard c1 pounding through mudholes a a troop of steel chariots that made me hot under the collar at 17. 
and that works for attracting recruits to Armour, but it's not what will float the boat of a young man who wants to be Infantry.

this is better than the old one, but it's still not right. However, I think that the feedback we give does leak back (and quicker than we might believe). I wouldn't be surprised to see changes made faster than expected. It's all computer-weenie stuff now, so it doesn't take nearly as long. With CDS pushing hard on Recruiting, this is a priority.

dude, 'staches are totally out. It's all about short, spiky hair now!

edited to add the word "not"