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How can I get my file closed?


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Some background: I applied as a PRes infanteer in the summer and was going to have my FORCE test in late September. The next week, when I spoke to a recruiter about my interest in ROTP, he told me that I would have to undergo the component transfer process if I joined a reserve unit (because I'd be an active duty OCdt at RMC). In a confirmation email for my FORCE test, it told me that if I didn't reply to the email in 7 days, my appointment would be cancelled and my file closed.

The problem: When I did the online application for ROTP with a new GC Key account, it says that I should use my existing account with the same information. But, my file has not been closed on the old account, so I cannot reapply. I have emailed the brigade group responsible for recruiting in my area to ensure that my file is closed and I can reapply.

The question: Is there anything else that I can do? Is closing a file a lengthy process? Should I speak to a recruiter again to get this sorted out?
Recruiting staff can close files, it involves a few clicks on the computer, stopping any action that might be in process (ie. canceling backgrounds checks, removal from queue for medical decisions, etc.) and then archiving your physical file.

It sounds like you do not want to close your application though, but change what you are applying for from PRes Infanteer to a RegF officer occupation through ROTP. If so, contact your closest recruiting centre (RegF) and tell them that you want to change your application, they should be able to change your online profile and request the PRes to send them your physical file. You typically don't need a new application unless it's been over a year since your last application was closed.