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CMMA - replacing the CP140 Aurora

Speaking of subcontracting & having concerns about build quality...

Boeing saunters into the chat...

As long as no more doors fly off during flights...P-8 is still a solid choice!

(They seem to have that whole 'autopilot aiming the nose down' problem solved, and I haven't heard of any soda cans being found in the wings lately, so that's good...)
Oh no. Straight up (semi-legal, shadowy) lobbying of a Minister, who made a decision without checking with his DM, the CDS, the PM or Cabinet. Pretty ballsy, I have to admit.

He also decreed that only genuine Quebec Maple Syrup would be served in CAF dining facilities. No pancake syrup was allowed. I am not making this up.
He also decreed during a visit to CFB Toronto that only French was to be spoken
Wasn't there some odd movements of equipment to Quebec during his tenure.
I'm guessing that it was under his watch that the decision to move the Downsview Supply depot to Montreal was taken since the base was closed just 3 years after his tenure.