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American Veterans Centre


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I've been watching some of these interviews recently and they're excellent. In most cases it seems that the interviewers are themselves veterans, which adds to the authenticity:

American Veterans Center​

The mission of the AVC is to ‘guard the legacy and honor the sacrifice’ of American veterans from the last 75 years of our shared history. Through oral history preservation, educational programs and civic events, we preserve the stories – and lessons – of veterans past and present, from which future generations can learn.

The American Veterans Center is honored to have the privilege of preserving the legacy of America’s servicemen and women of every generation. Here at the Center, we know that it is essential to honor and remember not only the veterans we have among us today but also the veterans who have passed away and the many service members who have died while fighting for our freedom.

We sponsor numerous activities throughout the year that educate the public, with a special focus on tomorrow’s leaders, about the many sacrifices that have been made for individual liberty by thousands of people in the United States military.

On this site, we are creating an interactive environment, where you can view, read, share or listen to veterans’ stories. The site will be constantly updated as we dig into our archives, digitalizing material shared with us in past years, and posting new material from patriots that are willing to share their stories with us and their fellow Americans.

Our dream is that all Americans, especially the youth, will never forget the sacrifices that were made by American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines throughout our history to preserve the freedoms we enjoy today.

I encourage you to get involved in this mission and to contribute as you are able. Almost 1,100 World War II veterans die each day. It is crucial that we work together to preserve their legacy, along with the legacy of service members of every generation.

Enjoy the site!

James C. Roberts
American Veterans Center