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Yellowknife posting


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I'm interested in a posting in Yellowknife as a class B reservist but I'd like to know a bit more about life over there before submitting my application. Unfortunately I don't know anyone who went there or have any idea about it. I wonder if some of you could please help me?

1- As a single person, will I risk feeling lonely? I may have the wrong idea, but I feel like military members (and even civilians) posted there are mainly in relationships or with their families. I'm social and I like indoor and outdoor sports, but I fear I might get lonely if people are mostly busy with work and their own life/activities.

2- Financially, and especially now with the new housing differential reform, will I make enough to save a bit at the end of each month (Mcpl; or perhaps Cpl if I have to relinquish my rank for the position)? I know life in Yellowknife is expensive, especially housing, and while the position interests me a lot, I don't want to get poorer...Also, would the army pay for my flight tickets for my vacation to go see my friends and families (ex: in Quebec)? I reckon it must be pretty expensive otherwise.

3- Do you think there are many opportunities to travel to other places in the north for exercises or operations? It's an intelligence related position.

Any other info about life in Yellowknife would be appreciated!

Thanks a lot!
1. Yes - that is a risk with any posting we may get though. I turned it down as it was not suitable for my family but others I know have gone and liked it. I was warned not to have small pets as if they get out things go bad quick for them.

2. You do get LTA to visit family, I believe as an Isol that you get 2 a year but didn't look it up lately. You get additional allowances for Yellowknife also so savings would depend on the individual. Some do and some don't.

3. As you are looking at a Perm Cl B there should be contact information on the REO. Best to talk to them on this.