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Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)


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Military imposter messes with wrong crowd in Lynn Valley
Matthew Ramsey
The Province
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Monday, April 23, 2007

An alleged cross-country con man messed with the wrong people when he tried his bogus Afghanistan war-vet act at Lynn Valley Legion, Branch 114.

Branch sergeant-at-arms and veteran Jim Jacox met the man who signed in to the Legion as "Randy Purves."

"I asked him how he was and who he was and he said he just returned from Afghanistan," said Jacox, 58, who served two years with the Princess Patricia's Light Infantry. "I bought him a beer, naturally."

Then Jacox grew suspicious. The suspect claimed he had been promoted in Afghanistan, but missed a rank. He said he'd flown to YVR directly from Kandahar -- not military procedure. He got the name of the plane wrong.

When the man claimed he still had Kandahar mud on his boots, Jacox noted the boots were not military issue, nor were the man's pants.

Off-duty RCMP officer Rob Pearson asked the man for ID. The suspect was arrested when he couldn't produce any.

"I wonder why we fight when we produce people like this," Jacox said yesterday. "How could he live with himself as imposter, represent himself as an Armed Forces vet when our men and women are dying over there?"

Randolph Purves is charged with unlawful use of a military uniform and impersonating an officer. He was released from custody on condition he not possess military, police, sheriff or fire uniforms, insignia or identification. North Vancouver RCMP suggest Purves may have impersonated other emergency providers locally.

Purves' next court appearance is May 3 in North Vancouver. He has been accused of similar scams in Quebec. His name is referenced as a "true hero" by a woman writing online from Nova Scotia, a Cloverdale woman put him up at her home for a week earlier this year and a Delta Legion member gave him $125 in January.

The name Randy Purves also surfaced in April when a man using that name in Mission claimed to be a former volunteer firefighter from Glace Bay, N.S.

© The Vancouver Province 2007

Edited by Vern to correct spelling of poser's last name in Topic Title.
In a previous thread, this is not the first time unfortunately an incident such as this has occured. Ditto on what you had noted CSA, hopefully justice will be served.


I just don't really understand why people have to do this. perhaps there is a mental problem deep deep within his personality or something. As far as I am concerned, its disrepectful to those that have been, are there now, or most importantly for those that have been killed and wounded.

Overall, its in very bad taste.

Shame on him!

Glad they got him by the balls now.


And now we wait to see how the justice system actually plays out. Based on other threads, there are divergent views here on how effective/fair the system is; while not a capital crime, it will be interesting to see the outcome.
Because it hit the media the punishment will be severe,......maybe even [gasp]house arrest....... ::)
If he gets convicted, perhaps he can serve his time doing something useful, like Oh GD tasks for Edmonton, Petawawa, Valcartier or Gagetown.  It might give him an apprecitation for the insult that he has given to our troops.

Nice thought, but given the current Climate in this country not likely to happen.
.... I hope he doesn't come to the M&G on the 28th here in lovely VanCity.

"Can I offer you a bear there?"
"Oh Sure! You know! I was an Af.."
"YOU!  :threat:"


Honestly though... what  :rage:
My wife was singing at that Legion last weekend, will have to tell her about it. I outed a wannbe Vietnam vet on the Tyee.ca that I think lived in N. Van. Claimed to have the shakes from chewing to much C-4  ::)

I wonder if it was the same guy?
Maybe he should get a real taste of military life in Club Ed for a little while ... that oughtta set him straight!  :-[
better yet  why not let him get  a taste of afganstian for real we can even drop him in the mountians with a uniform since it seems he likes to wear it  :cdn: :salute:
:rage: This sort of behavior sickens me. Shame on him. I hope he gets what he deserves.  :mad:
I think 6 months of Community Service is approprite punishment. Of course the community should be in Afghanistan and the service should be demining.  ;D
Hmmm. Randy Purves appears in North Van court May 3rd.....I'll be sure to take a day off to catch that. That same story can be found in the local paper North Shore News under www.van.net. This man has no shame. I live on the North Shore....why is the scum wondering this way?
Okay. Just for the FACT that he impersonated a MEDIC... I WILL see him there at the court house.
imitation is the highest form of flattery....