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Vision Questions Megathread, Categories, Problems etc.



i just came back from my medical test....and im so worried....the optometrist report say my vision is 6/120....and then i do their test....and i looked at the report and they put V4....i was like.....what the heck!? what is that  all about? the minimal standards for infantry say i need V3....so what the h3ll are they gonna do about that? are they gonna disqualify me from infantry only because my non-corrected vision is bad? my health is entirely perfect and my corrected vision too and still I have a V4! and my vision is at -4.....they still gave me an interview....is that good or bad? would they have already told me if i would be disqualified from infantry? im so scared right now....they didnt send my medical report yet....does this mean that im gonna be disqualified later?
Why didn‘t you ask the person who was doing your medical test those questions? Personaly, and from experience, if you would be disqualified, they would not waste their time interviewing you. Call them, and ask to talk to the medicals over there.

Don‘t worry, I am sure everything is okay! :)
what does the medical test sonsist of?

I hope you dont get disqualified.
....i didnt ask cuz under stress i never think to ask about stuff like that.....i might call....or just wait till my interview next tuesday......all my choice are combat trades....i would be so mad if i couldnt make it because of those stupid eyes....at 18 im getting surgery for sure anyway, im already saving up for it.....

Aaron- the test is a pretty normal medical test, they test all parts of your body(well not all but those useful) and ask you question...
Don‘t have surgery !!! Laser eye correction is not guaranteed to work. Many people end up with dizziness, inability to see lights clearly at night, even continuous headaches, your eyes are so precious, they work perfectly well with correction, so don‘t take a terrible risk with them.
I woudn‘t worry about the eye exam. There are people in the Army who couldn‘t hit the side of a barn at point blank range.
korus on this forum couldnt be infantry because of his eyes........kinda scary....
Laddie if you are sressed out now you had better pick another occupation because you are not going to make it in the Infantry.
hahaha....euhm....im a man...and eugh....i aint stressed out...im just nervous....and i doubt you know me enough to tell me if im gonna make it or not.....the will is there and thats all that matter......
U do seem to be alittle stressed......out....... right... when you wrote.....that....Just Kidding :warstory:

Just take a chill pill and relax. It will all work out in the end anyways.(we hope)

More than likely he would have told you right there if you didn‘t have good enough eyes anyways.

:cool: me in my cool prescriptioned sun glasses

"Those poor *******s. They‘ve got us right where we want them. We can shoot in every direction now."
-Colonel Lewis Burwell Puller, USMC, at Chosin Reservoir
hehe....im always stressed out! i got that from the people i work with.....i look like a smoker that havent smoked for a whole week :) hehe..yeah sure...its all gonna work out at the end but when is the end gonna be? thats what im worried about....anyway....
If going to the recruiting center is stressfull, how will you handle being shot at? Anyways, everything must be okay.
good point hehe.....but i learned to control my stress...but i just cant make it go away...its just a natural thing i guess....it probably help me....i should talk to a stress specialist or something like that lol....whatever....haha...
All I have to say is thank god I have 20/20 vision... (and Im sure everything will work out fine for everyone ;) )

well well I remember you dissing the pt test and you posting that it was a real joke and you wished it would get harder well guess you got what you wish for !!!!!!
but I hope you get through this stage good luck with your eye`s
re: corrected vision vs. uncorrected vision

It may seem okay to have good corrected vision, but that presupposes your glasses won‘t get broken or lost ... (and Murphy wasn‘t an optometrist ...).

Minimum standards (vision, medical, other) must be scrupulously maintained, since soldiering is a demanding profession (i.e. there‘s no second place in combat).

So, if your eyes aren‘t strong enough, that‘s life (and, it isn‘t over if you can‘t get into the Army).
yeah the pt test was too easy....and............

bossi- i guess your right, BUT even if i lose my glasses im not that blind, i can still take cover, move and shoot the scope works has well with or without glasses...
also i do have the minimal standards, thats the problem, i have 6/120 but for some reason i was V4.....from what i saw...ill get surgery has soon has i can....i know the risk and i know its worth it
Don‘t automatically consider or not consider the eye surgery based on what you were told in an internet forum.

Make an informed decision. Speak to your optometrist. Then speak to a friend‘s optometrist, and make sure they aren‘t suggesting eye surgery because of a kick-back.

Talk to people who have had the surgery done, and what happened.

Talk to eye surgery places and get them to explain what it‘s all about, what the risks are, etc. They will do this anyway during the pre-op, and if they are any kind of outfit, they will not recommend the surgery before you are about 22 or 23, and they will explain the sideffects and possible negatives up front.

I went for the surgery after making an informed decision. I had a minor inflammation in one eye afterwards, whcih was quickly treated with steroid drops, and which successfully kept my vision at 20/15 in both eyes.

I was something like 20/100 before hand.

Best thing I ever did. Yes, lights are blurry at night, but only when my eyes are tired. I can still read licence plates, and see details better than when I wore contacts. No regrets.
Hey guys,

I just had my Medical yesterday and everything went well except for my eye test. They said that i dont have 20/20 vision and they told me that I have to get an eye exam done by a optomitrist to see if it is correctable or not.

My question is will i be able to join if my vision is not 20/20? I dont wear glasses because i can see fine and have no trouble reading things. I‘m worried i wont get in because of this. :crybaby:
(man, this seems to be a popular topic)

Yes, you can still get in if your vision is not 20/20. Depending on just how bad your vision is, you may be restricted from certain trades. The only trade the _requires_ 20/20 is pilot. You still need pretty good vision for the combat arms, and then it goes down from there.

Unless you‘re legally blind without glasses, you can still pretty much get in. Don‘t worry about it too much.