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So, I'm re-enrolling


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Hey all!

So after a bad bad year packed with personal BS happening back home during the last year of my contract, I've looked at a return to civvy life with pink tinted glasses only to regret it few months later. I'm now in the process of re-enrolling and without expecting anyone to know the specifics i am curious about some information i can't seem to find anywhere, that isn't outdated.

*Important detail to know is I'm going to a different trade

1) My paperwork has been updated, and my medical update is on the 24th. After that, just how long does a re-enrollment usually take? If i base my experience off my first enrollment, I'm getting interviewed next and then put on a competition list. Now this isn't me wanting a special treatment but do past troops with a still valid BMQ qual get enrolled faster than someone brand new? I was also fully qualified in my previous trade, i released at the end of contract.

2) The trades I've applied for are;

-Aerospace control operator

-Airborne sensor operator

-Aerospace telecommunications and information systems technician

Do we know when the 3s courses are for those? Also, anyone in that trade, been in it or knows someone care to tell me about their experiences that would also be fantastic
Hey so I re enrolled in 2016 and I was back in my unit in around 3 months, but it was the same trade. Not sure how that’s changed now but I was enrolled and fast tracked as a skilled applicant; they’ll brief you once your file gets processed but yeah generally faster.