Seeking documentry maker

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Located all kinds of footage and would like to know if anybody is interested in making a documentry about the battle for Woensdrecht and north of Bergen op Zoom up to Willemstad?
Some is actual battle footage and I can proof all locations.
Putte, Ossendrecht,Woensdrecht (a.o. Caters Polderdijk,Vijdt Polder and the Village itselve),Lindonk,Korteven,Huybergen,Bath,Tholen/Halsteren,Nieuw_Vossemeer,Willemstad.
Please only serious replies !

Here is an example of Dutch footage
Tholen after November 4 1944.
Resistance group ´Orde Dienst Tholen' ferries some +18 Germen POW's from Tholen to Halsteren.
On October 31  7 were already handed over to the 4.Canadian Armoured Division.
In the battle for Oud-Vossemeer O.D.Tholen lost 2 KIA and 1 WIA.
For III./FJR.6 (Kampfgruppe Chill) losses were 20 from October 30 to November 4.
Amongst them 3 officers (2 staff officers)
O.D.Lepelstraat had also 1 KIA on November 1.He was executed after he covered the retreat of his group.
German losses by combined local Resistance groups from september 4 to november 4 were in total between 70 and 90.
On October 30 they were ordered to occupy Oud-Vossemeer,
They managed to do that within 5 hours, 7.5km away from Canadian lines
My granddad is at 0:34 in the lower left corner facing his CO & XO.
He served in 9.Coy Netherlands Interior Forces under 4.Canadian Armoured Division and 1 Polish Armoured Division untill March 30 1945