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Navres with a full time job (2023 NCIOp)


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I'm curious about the initial time commitment from walking in the door until QL3 qualified. Essentially, how much time would I require to take off from my civilian job?

Primarily interested in NCIOp. I'm in Ottawa so it would be with HMCS Carleton.

From reading:

BMNQ: Evenings and weekends + 3 weeks during the summer.
Environmental training: I've read 4 or 5 weeks for this.
Occupational training: I've read 8 weeks in-house, but what was written wasn't very clear.

So questions:
1) Is environmental and occupational training all full-time and somewhere else?
2) Is that 8 weeks of in-house occupational training currently correct? If so, is it possible to do it in two parts?

My only prior military experience is CIC/COATS