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I am interested in military especially Weapons Engineering Technician. F19.


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Hi there,

I am a 19 year old girl who is thinking of joining the military. I was specifically interested in Weapons Engineering Technician. As of now I am studying mathematics at an university planning on changing my major to engineering. However, I think I want to pause that and have a job that teaches me real life skills. I wouldn't mind doing both at the same time I don't know what opportunities are available to me. I have booked an appointment with a recruiter next Monday.

So far I have taken the initiative to try out the CFAT exams and they seem quite easy to me. I am a long distance runner (4km in 25mins), a rock climber (45' in 12 mins) and I can deadlift 45-50lbs without any training (that's half of my body weight I am 97lbs and 5ft1).

I do not have any medical conditions (all blood tests are normal, body fat percentage 19). However, I do wear glasses with -7.0 in one eye and -7.25 on the other. It's been few years since I had to change my glasses.

Feel free to drop any advice that would help me out and if you can answer my questions that would be awesome too!
Welcome, and I will try and answer some of your questions. Bear in mind that I am neither a recruiting nor medical authority, so my advise is just that - advice.

You are correct in assuming that engineering and weapons are well suited for each other. The occupations that currently involve weapons and engineering are:

Marine Systems Engineering Officer (Navy - full time)
Weapons Engineering Technician (Navy - full time)
Aerospace Engineering Officer (Air - full and part time)
Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Officer (Army - full and part time)
Naval Combat System Engineering Officer (Navy - full time)
Air Weapons Technician (Air -full and part time)

There are also engineering trades that do not intersect with weapons, but I haven't listed them here.

You will likely make more use of your engineering skills and knowledge as an engineering officer, rather than a technician, but this is not cast in stone.

You will have to decide if you want full time, or part time. I am going to infer from your message that part time is more suited to your situation. Regarding the CFAT, you will definitely need a good score to be competitive for an engineering based occupation. The math, and the spatial orientation pieces most significantly, although language skills are still important.

It sounds like you're quite fit, so the FORCE test shouldn't be an issue for you. It may be advisable to strength train for the sandbag lift and drag.

It would appear that you are on the cusp of meeting the common enrolment standard for vision. That being said, you still need to meet the minimum visual standard for the occupation into which you enrol. For example: the CEMS is V3, but pilot is V1, and you're V2... not compatible. You do have the option for laser eye surgery, but that's a bigger topic not suited to this discussion.

Finally, if you intend to enrol in the Reserves, then there also has to be a unit in your geographic vicinity that has a position in your desired occupation on their establishment.
Don’t forget Weapons Technician, Land! (Army)

I can expand a bit on Air Weapons technicians a bit. Generally, they fix and maintain the armament systems on RCAF aircraft that possess them (like CF-18, CP 140 Aurora and CH148 Cyclone) and also load air weapons/stores such as missiles, bombs, torpedoes, guns, sonobuoys and decoys). In some places, they somewhat maintain/account for ammunition.

I have worked with weapons technicians from all three elements throughout my career. It seems like interesting work and I respect what they do.