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How is military life as infantry?

I hear that course itself is hard to get possibly because of being a reservist?
Yea it's a unicorn for sure.

I’m just scared to mess up maybe, or have people hate me for my setbacks.

You're going to screw up and have set backs the rest of your career (whatever career you choose). It happens.

There's always going to be people who will find a reason to be pissed at you for the small stuff. In my experience the people who do that are insecure about their own short comings.

You'll find people like you more when you're trust worthy and a good person. Here's a good video that explains it.

I also want to work on not being too sensitive or take things to heart. I’d love to help out whether it’s overseas or local however, always envied the people who actually get to say during a flood or a fire. I’ve always wanted to do something to help out whether it’s in the country or elsewhere!

It sounds like you and Khloe should go for it and join. It sounds like we'd be lucky to have you both.
Just want to remind everyone this is the Recruits Only area, so if you're not directly answering the OP's questions just quote the post and put it in the appropriate thread. I'm sure we have a few on PRes employability on the go.

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Good point. Apologies for any derail. I'll try and figure out how to move my off topic posts.
You can +Quote, insert quote then copy and paste it into a reply box in the new/appropriate thread. That way you can carry on easily.