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How does one become a Mentor?


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I understand the site's rank structure in the sense of "Guest," "Jr. Member," "Sr. Member," etc, but how does one become a Mentor?  To me a  mentor is someone who has experience and has demonstrated wisdom and the like.  However, I've looked at the profiles of a number of "Mentors" here and noticed that several have no or next to no military service, nor have they made a significant number of posts.  I noticed one "Mentor" who has only made 25 posts and whose military service consisted of a few years as an Army Cadet (I'm not knocking cadets here, but there is a significant difference between four years in cadets and 30 years in the Regular Force).

For the most part, I'm just curious.

Michael OLeary

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The Mentor Program - Background and Guidelines

Who can be a Mentor?

Anyone who wants to help. There is an approval process in place, but this is largely to prevent spammers or other malcontents from abusing the system.

How do I become a Mentor?

It's simple, just go to the Group Membership section of your profile, and file a request to join the Mentor group.

As a Mentor, what am I expected to do?

There are no strict requirements for being a Mentor. Your job is simply to assist others when and where you can. Lead by example and set the tone for others.



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You don't have to have a lot of military experience to be a mentor to someone new to internet forums. We're here to gently point out rules or threads and guide people into the proper discussion areas so they're not getting dogpiled by the membership. Yes, some of us help out with recruiting or trade questions, but only if its within our lane.


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I agree with PuckChaser 100%,

I may not have many posts but I have helped a number of people through PMs that arn't confident enough to post something in fear of getting dogpiled minus points and things like that.

As well I may not have any experiance in the military other then the application process. Sometimes sharing my experiance as well as some of the questions i have asked and other scenarios i have seen is enough to get the person to go into the RC armed with the right questions that they otherwise wouldn't have done.

Of course i never pretend to be a recruiter and pretend to know everything about it, everyones process as well as situation is unique to them. I just try to help them to the best of my knowledge, and give my personal opinion and let the recruitment centre answer all there questions 100%

Overall I think its a mutually rewarding program, Me for helping people and hearing other peoples experiances and storys so i can further my knowledge about the process overall. And them for hopfully my mentoring helping them and getting them the answers they needed :)