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Hand gun collection FS


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I hope this ad is Kosher:

Item                     Remarks                                           Asking Price $
22 cal Erma         Restricted                                                200
9mm Luger w/Swastika Prohibited                                        800 
9mm Lugers 1939  DWM Prohibited                                        700
9mm CZ-75                 Restricted                                      500
7.65mm (.32cal) Walther PP Prohibited                                      600
.380 Makarov                 Prohibited                                      600
7.65mm Brno Model 27 -  (WW2 vintage)CZ-27 Prohibited              400
S&W .357                           Restricted                                      400

From the looks of it, a number of these appear 'prohibited'. At least the PP, Makarov and the Lugers (minus the Erma .22). The S&W depending on barrel length, etc.

For transfer of prohibs, buyer and seller must have the proper RPAL designation - 12(6). The seller can be 12(7) grandfathered.

You may want to list which is which, to cut down on the number of questions and false starts.