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Goodbye Army.ca

Cpl. Williamson

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I Just Finished Packing And Doing the Last Minute Preparations. I Leave for Gagetown In The Morning To Complete My Section 2ic Course.

I Wish All Going on Summer Course and Tasking Goodluck Make your Home Units Proud

See Whoever In Gagetown.

:cdn: CHIMO  :cdn:
Just getting In From Gagetown 10 Minutes Ago Having Successfully Completed My Section 2IC Course
It Was One Hell Of A Course and I Got a Few Lucky Breaks..We Spent 2 Of the 6 Weeks In The Field.

Highlights of the Course Include:
-Having the Chance to Initiate the C19 Area Defense Weapon
-Arming/Disarming Live DM-21's
And Being as We Were the Last Serial Threw We got To Blow the DM-21's

All and All Good Course Boobytraps Was a Ball

What would the C19 Area Defence Weapon be? I ask as my definition and your defintion of area defence is probably a lot different. :)
Thats our claymore version right?  Except technically not a mine, because of no tripwire?
Cpl. Williamson said:
Correct it is Indeed a Claymore and Because you Have Command Actuation it Is Not a Mine
  Actually not to pick fly **** out of pepper, but just because it is comd det does'nt mean it's NOT a mine.  Case and point, the off route mine the C14, is comd det and it is in all ways classified as a mine.
Wow. The 2ic course sounds awesome, already signed up for mine, for next summer.

Chimo :cdn: