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FS: Bluenose Keepsakes in Support of Scout Camp 2013

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My 11 year old son (Max) has been working over the last year to raise funds to begin this project. It was completed yesterday. Read on to find out about the Bluenose Keepsakes which are amazing and worth every cent.  These would make a great reminder for those from the Maritimes or graduation gift for those completing school this month.

Bluenose Keepsakes 39 of 40 Available http://photobucket.com/Bluenose_Keepsakes
Max and his dad have spent a year gathering supplies and materiel for this once in a lifetime opportunity. The launch of the Bluenose II will be in 2012 and these are actual pieces of the Bluenose II, an actual Bluenose stamp and the first Canadian dime with the Bluenose on it.  All signed and numbered by the Captain of the Bluenose II! Each Bluenose collectible is unique and brought together by a young man with a future. 1/40 has already been sold. These are available for $100 each.

Bluenose Keepsakes 5 of 5 Available http://photobucket.com/Bluenose1of5

Max has also made a version for a lucky few individuals. One is completed and 4 are in progress.  Each of these special keepsakes contain all of the items listed above plus a pure gold coin from the Royal Canadian mint as well as an unused Bluenose stamp (note the 1/5 has a used stamp at the moment as the stamps are on the way now-it will be replaced with a mint & unused stamp).  Further, the piece of Angelique wood has “Bluenose II” laser engraved into the wood.  This can be customized for each individual buyer. Only 5 of these are being produced so reserve yours today. They are available for $650 each.

A Work in Progress http://photobucket.com/BluenoseScrapbook

Max and his dad have spent a year gathering supplies and materiel for this once in a lifetime opportunity. The launch of the Bluenose II will be in 2012 and these are actual pieces of the Bluenose II, an actual Bluenose stamp and the first Canadian dime with the Bluenose on it.  All signed by the Captain of the Bluenose II!

Bluenose II restoration (Live webcam) http://www.novascotiawebcams.com/south-shore/bluenose-ii.html

Follow the rebuild of Nova Scotia's famous Bluenose II between 2010 and summer 2012 in Lunenburg. Fundraising for this project will sponsor two local Scouts at the Canadian Scout Jamboree in 2013 in Sylvan Lake Alberta.


Background information on the Bluenose and the Bluenose Keepsakes:

The Bluenose was a schooner designed by William J. Roue to be both a champion racer and commercial fishing vessel, and was launched at Lunenberg, Nova Scotia, April 26th 1921. It won the International Fisherman’s Trophy five times as the fastest working vessel and landed the largest catch ever at its homeport of Lunenberg. The writer, Thomas Chandler Haliburton (1796-1865), started calling Nova Scotians “bluenoses.” Despite its successes, the Bluenose‘s fate was tragic. Sold in 1942, it sailed out of Canadian waters to carry cargo in the Caribbean until it sank off Haiti four years later. In 1995, Original Bluenose and her captain, Angus Walters, were inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame.

In 1963, Bluenose II was launched from the same shipyard, built by many of the men who had worked on the Original Bluenose. Bluenose II is acknowledged to have the largest working mainsail in the world. It measures 4,150 square feet (386 m2). The total sail area measures over 11,000 square feet (1036 m2) and is 43.5 m (143 feet) in length. Bluenose was one of hundreds of working schooners that each year ventured out into the Grand banks northeast of Newfoundland, fishing for Cod from March until October. At one time more than 500 such ships plied those rich and relatively shallow waters off the Atlantic coast. Fishing schooners left harbor and did not return until their holds were full or the season ended. Bluenose was the most famous of them all. On one excursion, Bluenose brought back more than 300,000 pounds of Cod, the largest catch ever recorded by a single ship at Lunenburg in that maritime city's three centuries as a fishing port.

In Canada there is an International Fishing Trophy, coveted by all who sail the Grand Banks. Bluenose, which reached speeds up to 17 knots, under 10,000 square feet of sail in a strong wind, won this trophy in 1921, 1922, and 1923 and then again in 1931 and, for the last time in 1938. In 1942, an aging Bluenose was sold as a freighter to work the waters of the Caribbean. In 1946, the ship foundered on a reef and sank off the coast of Haiti.

Since 1937, the image of Original Bluenose has graced the Canadian dime. There were 2,500,095 pieces struck for that year. Designed by the famed Canadian sculptor Emmanuel Hahn, the Bluenose has been a well known figure to all Canadians and a tribute to the maritime way of life.

The Bluenose is the nickname for a 50-cent definitive postage stamp issued by the Canadian Post Office on 8 January 1929 as part of the King George V "Scroll Issue”. Scott number is 158 with a perforation of 12. The stamp depicts the fishing schooner Bluenose and the design, by the Canadian Bank Note Company, Ottawa. The photographs for the handsome engraved stamp were taken by W.R. MacAskill in 1922 and the vignette was engraved by the American Bank Note Company. The engraver in showing the ship in the race took full advantage of artistic license. He used two different photographs of Bluenose at sea - one a side view and the other a view from the ships starboard bow - in a compromise design to represent the schooner winning one of its great races off the coast of Halifax.

The stamp is considered a classic even though it was issued after 1900 and some people consider it to be the most beautiful stamp in the world, but certainly it is the favourite Canadian stamp. In 1929 there were 1,044,900 copies of the stamp produced. In 2001 a Bluenose first day cover sold for CAN $3,650.

A small piece of Angelique from the Bluenose II restoration was graciously donated by the Coal Wynd Gallery (Halifax) which has been incorporated into the design. Unavailable to the general public, this piece of Angelique wood comes from the Lunenburg Shipyard Alliance through the Coal Wynd Gallery.

This project is due to the generous time, effort and donations from the following:

Lunenburg Shipyard Alliance (Lunenburg, NS),

Jason Cullen One Stop Wood Shop (Halifax, NS)

Margie Carter Wooden Rose Auctions(Dartmouth, NS)

Roy Lingen (Verona, ON)

1st Woodlawn Scouts (Dartmouth, NS)

Captain Phil Watson (Lunenburg, NS)

Thom Almerini (Pennsylvania, USA)

Payment and Delivery

I can deliver anywhere in HRM (no charge).

Postage within Canada please add $12.

Postage outside of Canada, please contact for details.

I accept Paypal, Personal Cheques (please do not mail cash).

Keep an eye out for our next project (Halifax Clock tower keepsake boxes) – in production now.

Marcus Brauer (Max's dad)
(902) 466-4339