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Drill and Ceremonial

JR84 said:
Is there a CANFORGEN to state that you cannot use clickers? I know of many people that still use them

To elaborate on Big Foot...Or the entire winning Team of 1 RCR's Rowley cup team.... Or myself or well half my Bn....
That is what my point is. There are many people out there that use clickers. I was asking D. Nicholson if he could come up with some paper work saying that you couldnt use clickers anymore.
Im not sure where I read it.... I don't feel like waiting 20 minutes tonight for the dress regs to open, but I have the newest copy and it may have made its way there already.

If army.ca has taught anyone anything it should be that 'just because people have done it, doesn't make t correct."

For Cadets, the information is in the Army Cadet Dress Regs, which were revised a few months after the CF policy came into effect.
Pte Pea said:
It's been a while since I was in Vernon. I was in Charlie in 2001, and I don't remember winning the penant that year. But, my memory could just be sucking these days. I do remember hearing about the "charlie curse" though, although I am not sure what the "conditions" were.

Truthfully, I always heard about the ‘charlie curse’ but no one could elaborate what it actually was. I know charlie also had a reputation for having attitude, but a little attitude isn't that bad necessarily, if it's a good attitude anyway.
Here it is!!


P. 12, Article 29, Paragraph m
"...Boots shall not be modified with any type of metal cleats, hobnails or other metal attachments to the heel or sole"

I always liked the nice solid thunk of a the bottom of my heel on ashphalt  ;D
D. Nicholson said:
What was different with the flag drill, I wasn't really watching.

They didn't do a right dress for the Feu-De-Joie; rather they turned and marched into centre and it did look a lot better - it's wrong, though. However, that said I hope they keep doing it the wrong way.

Cadets, (and CF members) as of Sep 06 can no longer modify the soles of their boots, so clickers are gone.

The change in parade format was due to my observations and recommendation to CWO Anderson and the camp RSM.  I was invited to Vernon last summer to assist with G Coy and the final parade.  The first time I observed the right dress in preparation for the Feu de Joie, I knew it needed to be changed.  The entire Coy was hopping to close the gap between #1 and #2 platoon.  It looked horrible and not the way to lead into a precision drill movement.  If you look at A-PD-201-000/PT-000, any time you have to move more than  7 paces left or right the group should be turned and marched into position.  If I had been training a group of adults carrying the C7 or even the old FNC1 there would have been no turn.  While this movement did not follow the normal format, it served the purpose of moving a formed group in a military manner vice skipping and hopping across a parade square.  I was quite pleased with the final results.
Cdt/Cpl Muir said:
Truthfully, I always heard about the ‘charlie curse’ but no one could elaborate

I remember when I was in CL and CLI it seemed like Charlie Company had some....well...Issues, RTU's CHAPP, discipline problems AWOL Cadets etc.  I found ole' Charles to be an interesting company to work with.

  We had an AWOL cadet the very first night, a few RTUs etc, however we would not have been able to manage all of it without great staff, great CSM and a totally awesome OC.  It took a little while for the company to get its game on but when it did, and when the kids started working together and building friendships, Charlie Company became one of the best companies at VACC. 

Vernon '06 was one of the best summers in Vernon I have ever had and I hope to see everyone back there for summer '07.
C/MWO Mann said:
I remember when I was in CL and CLI it seemed like Charlie Company had some....well...Issues, RTU's CHAPP, discipline problems AWOL Cadets etc. 

Lol, sounds like 17 platoon! But other than that, I agree, Charlie was one of the best! Trust me, I had friends from my home corps in foxtrot, delta, echo, alpha and pioneer and some of the problems they had were really something!! I also had someone from my home corps in 17 platoon, so I heard about stuff that even the staff never knew about.

I also wanted to comment on c2nwt, I saw the right dress done with guard once and I immediately didn't like it. It looked so much better when they marched into the middle. I hope they keep that format for the years to come.
D&C is a good course, but unfortunately due to various reasons (eg. people not wanting to be there, lack of discipline) it is not as good as it could be. Ideally, the D&C company would be the elite company on base with the best drill, cleanest barracks, best leadership, etc. Unfortunately, that is not so, and you see the 12 year old GT cadets beating them in all of those areas (VACSTC 2010...).
Does anyone know if the new form of the Air Cadet's SLC (Leadership and Ceremonial) will be run alongside the Army Cadet's Drill and Ceremonial?