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Close Area Suppression Weapon (was Company Area Suppression Weapon)



Has anybody heard about what the army is going to do in the CASW (AGL) file?
We have just received our C & R (command and recce) G-Wagons and they arrived with a C-6 mount. I was told that they would be fitted with either a .50 cal M2 machine gun or a CASW.
What should I expect for the future?
Something that shoots 40mm grenades.  Trials are on going out in Valcartier.
The Gwagon's ring mount will not function for long with the .50 or the GMG.

Get used to the C6...

What does "CASW" actually stand for?  I realize the weapons system is a 40mm AGL, but I was just curious what the Canadian "CASW" designation stood for.
Under the proposed light inf orbat...each inf coy will carry 4 CASW in the direct fire section of the support pl...

If it happens
Some more info on the CASW from the CASR site:

Steel Badger said:
Under the proposed light inf orbat...each inf coy will carry 4 CASW in the direct fire section of the support pl...

If it happens

did I read that correctly?  This is to be a company weapon for the light infantry ie. dismounted? some dude is going to have carry that? Jeepers H. Crackers, I wouldn't want to be him.
did I read that correctly?  This is to be a company weapon for the light infantry ie. dismounted? some dude is going to have carry that? Jeepers H. Crackers, I wouldn't want to be him.

Well obviously it won't be carried by one person. Presumably the barrel, reciever, and tripod come apart, and the ammo distributed.
Just cause its LIGHT it does not mean footborne

Look for vehicle - GWagon, BV206 and ATV's.

You cant hump enough ammo via your ruck.

Older article from CASR

"I’m bringing in CASW, but I have to remove something from the inventory and that something could be 60mm mortars,” Riffou said. “They’re using 60mm mortars right now in [the Afghan] theater and there’s always the fear” of losing a capability.
As much as i like the idea of a 40mm belt fed,no fucking way am I going to give up the 60mm Mortar. The 60 was the most effective dismounted weapon we had during  my Roto with TF 3/06, to get rid of it for a weapon that offers less capability in most areas id just idiotic. Of course the fine folks in the Crystal palace don't seem to give a damn.
Sheer madness, certainly. Why eliminate the 60mm? Keep it to augment the 40mm, which will most likely remain vehicle mounted anyway.

But of course, the new 84mm MOR will help fill the gap:

"But Riffou said CASW, linked with 84mm mortars and a range of munitions, will provide a significant improvement in capability. He called the CASW a system of systems in that it will involve a fire-control system linked to the gun"

daftandbarmy said:
He called the CASW a system of systems

Where have I heard that buzz-word before?  Let's kill it like we killed that stupid "Multi-Mission Effect Vehicle" idea....
84mm Mortar  ???

Did I miss something?

The 40mm AGL is a nice piece of kit -- and it has a role -- however its role is an augment to the M2HB .50 HMG, and in some way the 60mm Mortar -- but it does not replace either.

What to retire something worthless -- Eryx

Without in any way offering an endorsement of the notion of removing the 60mm MOR (a silly notion) perhaps the slip-up wasn't in the calibre but in the weapon.  Perhaps "those that know" are thinking of pairing the the 40mm AGL with the 84mm Carl Gustaf and adding all those neat extra ammunition types to the system.

I seem to recall some years ago that Computing Devices of Canada (now with General Dynamics) developed a Computerized Laser Assisted Sighting System that was basically a simplified Tank Fire Control System that could be mounted on DF weapons like the CG/HMG/Mk19/Stryker-AGL and the CG-84.  I can only find current reference to a similar system by L3 Communications, the XM116 Small Arms Fire Control System, but I note that the Stryker-AGL (the machine gun, not the vehicle) has a similar sighting system included as does the 25mm OCSW.  Maybe there is some thought to trying to simplify training by introducing a family of weapons that all use a common sighting system and can cover most, if not all, of the capabilities of the Lt MOR.

FFV441 is a HE Shrapnel round, useful in a "lobbed" trajectory to 1,000m, which can be fused to fire on impact or airburst.
FFV441B is a high explosive round with an effective range against personnel in the open of 1,100 m. The round arms after 20 to 70 m of flight, weighs 3.1 kg, and is fired at a muzzle velocity of 255 m/s[1].
FFV469 is a smoke round fired like the FFV441, with a range of about 1,300 m. The 3.1 kg round is also fired at 255 m/s[1].
FFV502 is a high explosive, dual purpose HEDP round. The term high explosive is misleading, however. It is a HEAT round, with the ability to be set to detonate on impact or one tenth of a second afterwards. Effective range is 1,000 m against broad soft targets such as infantry in the open, 500 m against stationary targets, and 300 m against moving targets. Minimum flight is 15 to 40 m to arm the warhead. Penetration exceeds 150 mm of armor. Ammunition weight is 3.3 kg and muzzle velocity is 230 m/s[1].
FFV545 is an illuminating starshell, fired up to 2,300 m maximum range, but with an effective envelope of 300 to 2,100 m. Suspended by parachute, the 650,000 candle power illumination burns for 30 seconds, providing a 400 to 500 m diameter area of illumination.
FFV551 is the primary HEAT round, it is rocket-assisted, with an effective range of about 700 m (400 m against moving targets) and penetration up to 400 mm of rolled steel armor. Ammunition weight is 3.2 km and muzzle velocity is 255 m/s[1].
FFV552 is a practice round with the same ballistics as the 551.
FFV651 is a newer HEAT round using mid-flight rocket assistance for ranges up to 1,000m. In theory, it has less penetration than the FFV441, but it includes a stand-off probe for the fuse to improve performance against reactive armor.
FFV751 is a tandem-warhead HEAT round with an effective range of 500 m and ability to penetrate more than 500 mm of armor. Weight of the 751 round is 4 kg[1].

Well I'm not the biggest fan of the 60 admittedly -- both from using it -- and we seem to have a det in this AO that uses two of them insessantly at us -- but fortunately [in this case] the payload on the 60 is so small that you almost need a contact hit to kill...

  However for smoke and illum missions - its a good tool.

The US M224 with the newer ammo has a 3500m range -- beyond that of the Mk19/Hk GMG and 84mm CarlG.

IIRC from my Mortar firing table book the the 60 with the bipod can do 2500 at least.  Which is also past the range of the replacement systems talked about.

Unless 81's all of a sudden fall from the sky and come back to home to the Infantry -- the trade needs the 60
This South African Commando/ Patrol style 60mm MOR looks pretty handy. 650mm barrel gives 2000m max range and it can be fired from the prone position (e.g., while in contact). Anyone out there tried it before?


Something like this would be a handy, practical compliment to the CASW
Uhm -- I've fired the CF 60 from the prone...
(loading is a bit of a bitch)
Infidel-6 said:
Uhm -- I've fired the CF 60 from the prone...
(loading is a bit of a bitch)

It's amazing what contortions your body can do while still protecting your tail...... ;D