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CFB Cold Lake Thread- Merged


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For those who have been to CFB Cold Lake, is it a good posting? How is the community and base activities? I searched the internet for general information about the base and the community but theres nothing that provides a decent overview or context. Any links will be appreciated. CFB Cold Lake is my posting after BMQ this winter.

Lots of shopping, fishing and hunting ok, 3 hours to Edmonton, housing expensive, lots of empty PMQ‘s. Nice area, lots of trees and water, good schools, reasonably safe streets.

Need any more info? Just ask.


What are you being posted at CFB Cold Lake for? Which trade? I should say. I hope you enjoy it.


That‘s a cool trade. I myself am going for Military Police. Still waiting for the MPAC. Getting very very excited about it now. It‘s slated for end of January. I‘ll find out if I‘m going the first week of January. Hopefully it‘s a go. Good luck with everything.

Thanks for the info Garry. Good luck with the MPAC and the process Shaun.
since the threads are on going, thought i would ask about the PMQ's in Cold Lake, how much is heat hydro water and all that fine stuff. Also how decent is the rental market up their. I have tried to do searches on it but seems to be to no avail. Thanks in advance for any info
Hey there! Well from one living in a Q up here in the Cool Pool, I can give you what I pay and go from there.

I have a three bedroom bungalow (I think it is around 1200 square feet) Rec room in the basement and a 1/2 bath off the master bedroom (lots of space). I pay $670 a month for rent, MQ utilities is sitting at approx $12.00/mth. Gas is on the equal payment plan of $75/mth, electricity runs around $120 during the winter months and approx $70 in the summer months. Some of the 4 bdrm homes (both stand alones and duplexes) can run upwards of $800/mth for rent.

Renting up here is unbelieavable for prices, if you want a decent 3 bdrm house you could be looking upwards of $900 + . If all you are looking for is an apartment (good luck with that) the prices are still high for what you get. Not much high end apartments here (never been in one, but they don't look good from the outside. They are building new condos, etc. but don't know if they will be for rent or purchase.

Housing prices have sky rocketed up here from when I got here in '97. I originally bought and paid $112,000 for a three bedroom house in the nicer area of Cold Lake south, that same house is now going for $180,000 +!!!! I sold when I thought the market hit its peak, boy was I wrong!  :crybaby:

From what I hear the vacancy rate for rentals is very slim pickings, not only are you competing with of course the base personnel but also the oil rig guys. Building is at an all time high here for housing.

What a lot of guys do is go for the PMQ at first then do some research and then end up buying in town.

If you need any other info just ask. After being here for 8 years, I pretty well know what is going on around.
Thanks alot. I applied for a PMQ today. I know what you mean about the housing situation up their, Things are looking crazy. I phoned around to apartment rental places, needless to say as you said their is nothing their to rent. Again thanks
Presumably you've already seen this(?) ... http://www.cfha-alfc.forces.gc.ca/locations/coldlake_h_e.asp
Not a problem. Anytime for a new Cool Pooler ;)  Good luck and enjoy the area and what it has to offer!

Any other questions don't hesitate in PMing me.

Thanks alot for the replys. it has helped out to set up a budget more so then any other info that is attainable from DND sources. I will be up their on the 21 of July so maybe see some of you. Again thanks for the info.
just received a reply for a PMQ on willow crescent. whoo hooo i guess.
That is in the Beaver Area of the PMQs, not a bad area. And yes whoo hoo would be right as at least you are not on a waiting list.
I am possibly getting posted to CFB Cold Lake this summer. I was looking for some comments on where is the best place/area to purchase house in Cold Lake or surrounding area.


Hey, New to the forum and have been trying to do some research as am being commissiond to 2. Lt at end of the month and have been posted for 8 months to Cold Lake for OJT before heading to NAV CAN in Cornwall (AEC).  I have just finished the ROTP programme at University of Western Ontario and just want to get some info about the base as lots of scatter info everywhere.  I was curious as to what barracks are like for single members on base (Kitchen or sitting area possible) ? Possible costs if known? as well as current ration pricing as I haven't been paying rations in quite sometime.  Nightlife, if anything exists? Any comment on the Palm Springs golf course, as I am an avid golfer.  Summer time weather, as I am coming from smoggy, hot and humid GTA.  Any other info would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance!!
Cold Lake will be a shocker to you if you like the night life.
There are 4 bars between Cold Lake and Bonneyville. At least there was. If you like to party with the girls, dont. Nothing worse then getting the Hiv or Syphillis. If you do wrap it up for the whole night. Being an officer you wouldnt participate in those types of things.
More then a few pubs. Most of them are good for food and laugh.
It is real cold in the winter and real hot in the summer. It is windy there most of the time.
The food in the mess is great, as for accomadations, I cannot comment on what the officers have, but the enlisted were two to a room and had no heat for part of the winter where I was living.

The golf course is pretty decent. If you look hard enough you will find a few golf courses in the area that offer excellant golfing. 
If you want to buy a large screen TV, or stereo or anything worth buying, get it before you go there. It is hard to get good service from the stores. You will find out on your own.

The people are generally good. Treat the locals with the respect you want.

If you like fishing, quadding or hunting, It is a great spot to be. I highly recommend that you try these otu if you havent already.

Good luck.
Remember it is only Cold for 9 months of the year.
    My family and I have been here for 6 yrs now and the ONLY reason we aren't fighting my posting this summer is because it's to Comox.  We love it here but then again I obviously don't live on base and don't eat in the mess.
     I just finished an OPME here and there were 4 (I think) pers on it in the same boat as you're going to be so I would assume that you'll have plenty of time to catch up on some schooling if it's required.
    Take up fishing.  There's no doubt you'll meet someone here that will invite you so take them up on it.  Great way to spend a Saturday and on some of the lakes around here your arm will get tired from reeling them in!
    Great gym and PSP staff.  They offer mtn bike rentals and there are some pretty good trails here too (lookout for the quads).  You can sign for some fishing gear too if you need it.
    If you have a car bring it.  The town is pretty spread out and cabs cost a small fortune.  The clubhouse at PSGC or Northern Spirit Liesure Center is brand new and the course is pretty good from what I can tell as I'm not a golfer except for the occasional Sqn sports day.
    If you have any other questions I can help with let me know.


I was stationed in CFB Cold Lake from 1984-88 and the last time I was there was in 1996 so my information is somewhat out of date. However, I would like to refute some of the comments made by CTD. First, a little background on Cold Lake. When I was there were three main population centres; 4 Wing CFB Cold Lake (Medley), Grand Centre and Cold Lake itself. The fact that there are two three separate places called Cold Lake (CFB Cold Lake, Cold Lake the village and Cold Lake itself) can be confusing. In 1996, the three centres amalgamated into Cold Lake and incorporated as a city in 2000. This website http://www.coldlake.com/siteengine/activepage.asp can provide you some background info. 

Unless things have really, really changed since I was last there I have to disagree with the comments by CTD. First off, about the night life. I was in my mid-twenties when I was there and never had a problem finding a place to go partying in the evenings or weekends. At that time the population was about 4-5000 in Grand Centre and I can think of at least seven bars/night clubs/lounges that I used to hangout at. So, I'm not sure where CTD is getting the idea that there are only "4 bars between Cold Lake and Bonneyville." (Bonneyville is the next largest population centre about 20 miles down the road). There were also several restaurants that you could eat at. 

As for the girls, during the four years I was there I might some the best looking, nicest girls you could find anywhere. So again, I'm not sure how CTD can make the statement about all the women having HIV or VD.

I found the people very friendly and easy to get along with. I will point out that I was born just across the border in Saskatchewan so I had a common background with the locals. One thing, don't confine yourself to the base and military co-workers. When I was there I spent most of my time with civilian friends downtown and had a good time.

I do agree with CTD about the weather - hot in summer and cold in winter. In the summer I spent a lot of my time hiking and sometimes almost got eaten alive by the mosquitoes. No skeeters in winter, but you do have the Northern Lights which are outstanding!

I also agree with BernDawg about bringing a car (or truck/SUV). Cold Lake is out in the middle of nowhere and the major population centres are  some distance away (Lloydminister is about 1 hour and Edmonton about two hours or so).

Cold Lake is the perfect place to be if like outdoor activities. Tourism is the number three business right now. I did a lot of hunting when I was there. Lots of places to go fishing. 

Can't comment to much on base accommodation's as when I was last there I was on TD and I stayed in transient quarters, but they had built newer quarters from when I was stationed there. There is a large CANEX on base with a family restaurants and bar.

Hope this helps out. Again, its been a while since I was last there, but I can't think that things are as bad as CTD makes out. BernDawg can fill you in more than I can.