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Camp Experiences


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Hello again,
After reading the posts about Camp I wonder if some of you might be able to post some useful information to the borad for other Cadets who haven‘t been to camp yet and may not know what to expect. It could be things from what to bring/not to bring, to some tips and tricks to get through the summer while having a great time.
When I went to Camp in Argonaut, CFB Gagetown, it was an eye opener to arrive on the first day.
My suggestion for things to bring are:
Spare capbadges if you can get any. They are quite popular for trading. Comfortable shoes or sandles for off times. If you like to read lots of books. While there is lots to do it is also nice to just be alone for a while.

Just my 2 cents worth. :sniper:
Don‘t bring civvies! The staff will probably take them away when you have your kit inspection.


I am really exhausted right now and its only 2100!

Avoid the MIR, only if you want to wait a loooong time or want to miss half your training day. If you are sick, wait a day, if you aren‘t feeling well the next, if you are up to it, then go.

Bring cap brasses, you can get alot of money for them depending on the one. Only if you have extras! I will never sell mine!

Enjoy yourself!
I just got back today and tired as hell. It was hard...but i enjoyed it.
Echo-if your in India watched out for the reg force MCpl Sullivan. Not that that hes mean (i found him cool) he can always find something with your uniforms. He used to be in the airborn and he has quite a few decorations from the missions hes been on. Tell me what platoon yur in once yur there.
I thought I had met you SOF! I ran into this guy from Hotel who was in the same corps as this girl i was talking to in Golf. She is from 2310 Sault Ste. Marie.

The guy in her corps was known as Kyle.

right now I am on M&XD for an either torn or badly pulled muscle on my left side.

Go look at the Argyll‘s cap brass, I could get alot of money for it unlike your‘s

(for those wondering, I recruited another member of Kilo Coy, CL PLatoon, Steve Comisso from up north)

By the way Irish, let‘s keep the arguements at camp, that isn‘t what this message board is for.
Definitely bring extra everythin. Civvies are now acceptable at Blackdown,although only jeans may be worn on free time...if your company allows you too. Both years that i did staff, 04 and 05, we refused to let our cadets. Civvies should only be for staff that have done their courses and earned the right to wear them. that having been said, be careful with selling anything at camp. If you get caught with cap brasses that arent yours, even if you bought them, there could be MAJOR trouble. Make sure you come well prepared with hygiene items...trust me, you'll find out for yourself what i mean. And bring money when you come, just a little bit in case you need somethin before you get your training bonus...as well,bring extra phone cards!! trust me on that one. the last thing i have to say is directed at females...bring lots of extra hair nets and bobby pins..it might be camp, but there are standards...oh, and dont bring a 2 piece bathing suit, save yourself some trouble and possible exclusion from fun stuff by bringin a one piece.    definitely befriend your staff, if they like you, the summer will go by sooo much smoother and you'll have a lot more fun. dont insult your tentmates..you have to live with them all summer....and try to make friends in other companies...it helps to spend some time away from your own company..
CI Phillips was my Sgt at Blackdown in 2004...and shes right, befriending your staff does make it easier...it gives a sense of trust and makes the experience more fun =)

and for stuff to bring...before you go to camp...look over your kit like 5 times because you never know, you could be missing something important...i have done it before for 2 years..and yeah my parents had to come and bring them on the weekend, weren't to happy about it.

Bring a camera, well summer 2005 they banned cameras at blackdown, but i dont know, they might allow them again next summer...you always want to capture each moment =)

Bring cleaning stuff, like swiffer wipes (dusting is key to inspections), febreeze (cause your tent can start to smell after a week in the bush), a broom? well not on Intake day, but its nice to bring it on a weekend because they run short on brooms for each tent ALL THE TIME! CD players are good for free time. but you're not allowed listening to it during training hours....oh and learn to do laundry before you go..cause for some companies..they wont do it for you...after a while in summers 2004-2005 they did it for us.

anyways, hope that helps!!! later
Make sure your ready to travel and at times, a long distance.  When I first joined Cadets back in the 60's I went on an exchange. Flew from Quebec City to Penticton then onto Vernon and we only found this out once we got to Camp.  For many Cadets I know, it was their first time on a plane and for me, it was the first time I had ever been to BC. So, in sort, Cadet Camp was a wonderfull time and one I will not forget in a very long time.
BRING A GOOD LOCK!!!!! Dont store your valubles in your barracks box, put all yuor CDs and players, gameboys etc inside your locker with a good sturdy lock.  A friend of mine had $200 worth of CDs taken from his barracks box.  We warned him...
Bring laundry detergent if you don't want to buy it at camp. I swear almost nobody at basic brought any.
Make good friends with the ppl in your Tent and Plt. They are the ones that will help you or make your life harder.
Make sure you give it 120% each day, don't complain about things, just do them.
If you get free time, relax. if your CB'ed work on your uniform.
For those of you doing CLI make sure you score high on the Classes that you'll teach (one of the reasons for Prd Positions)

And a really important point I would like to make is try to get all the e-mails from ppl in your Plt. in a few years you guys would have a lot to talk about.
SHOWER!!!!!!! for the love of all things holy SHOWER!!!!  We had a guy in our barracks that showered like once a week  :crybaby:  if you dont want to be hated for 6 weeks smell good.  and AXE does NOT count as shower in a can.
Dont Skimp out on inspectons. Go the WHOLE 9 yards. Wash Your Floors like once or twice a week, baby powder, Febreeze, and DUSTING is the LAST THING YOU DO. So much time is wasted when you dust like before you sweep and all that jazz. And try to locate some of your friends form home corps too, because spending 24 hours a day with the same people in your company can be very tiring, so have so good old back up friends to chill with on off time. And befriending your staff will be the most important thing for you to do, as they can get you out of alot of trouble, and if you get a chance, you may get them out of some too. Dont waste your entire training bonus at the canteen, and make sure that you dont pick fights. And DEFINITLY do good drill, because parade postions go unoffically in the middle of the summer. Most likely if you slack off for the fist few weeks, then go Super Cadet on everyone, the parade positions will go to those Cadets who tryed all summer. Just to reiterate SHOWER SHOWER SHOWER! I had three showers a day most days at camp, and believe me I was damn glad I was not the one being Power Showered by the CLI's. Stay Fit and Have Lots of Fun.

And Eat All Your Meals. Doesn't matter how terrible it tastes, Dint Get Caught Not Eating. Have Fun  =)
I'm doing CL this summer and I've never been to camp before I'm allowed to skip basic because I'm 14 and I was just wonderin if we bring our dress uniforms?

You wear your dress uniform en route to base.
You also have to wear your summer dress (CF shirt and pants) during all the parade's.  If your taking CL you'll be doing lots of drill on the parade square.  And if you go to Vernon a parade square is the last place you wanna be lol.  And your boots always have to be shiny...polish polish polish
        Many of your suggestions have been excellent for those new cadets eager to attend our ACSTCs.  I did staff @ Argonaut ACSTC this past summer, and as a section sergeant, I have gained a very new perspective towards how course cadets conduct themselves. Obviously we as staff cadets cannot expect perfect cadets to deal/work with, and we must remember we were once in their shoes.  Speaking as a staff cadet, and able to observe various challenges/problems all of my course cadets experienced, I would like to offer just a few pointers for the course cadets of this summer:
-Bring many spare keys(you just don't know how much you'll appreciate them until you'll need them)
-make sure you have properly fitting parade boots, and issued PT shoes prior to coming to camp
-Obtain as many wool socks as possible
-Obtain as much PT gear as possible prior to attending camp
-Learn how to properly operate washer machines/dryers before attending camp
-When you get your weekly pay, do not simply waste it on slushies & doritos. save at least 75% of your summer pay for more important things when you get home
-If you decide to attend camp, bring a positive attitude, as camp will be hell on earth for you otherwise
-Don't go to camp expecting to "get any". The Argonaut canteen theatre holds no place so such fraternization
-Accept other cadet's opinions. Remember that they are entitled to their views as much as you are.
-Make as many friends as possible FAST! It's amazing how much that helps
-Unless what your staff is telling you to do is a danger to either yourself or others, comply with their orders without question....Trust me, it's for good reason.
-keep in mind that everything your staff makes you do is for an important reason. (eg: 'GO TO BED' means  'you'll need your sleep')

Hopefully these little suggestions should help with some concerns/questions you might have about camp.

And as Lt Col. Carr drilled into our heads this summer, "We're here for a good time, not a long time, so have a good time."

Jacob said:
Bring Foot Powder.  It has many uses ;)

But leave the Black Polish in the can or on your boots, not on the black toilet seat.