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BMQ Answers

Only states running shoes and sneakers, still can't find any specifics to if they have to be black,white, or colOured... :/
Thanks tho.

They don't have to be black and white, but I would say avoid ridiculous fluorescent laces or anything stupid.
Fotoshark said:
...Running shoes I see we can bring our own pair even tho they issue a pair thats noted to never be used and just part of your locker/closet...

My 2 rubles-worth of advice: Spend money and buy yourself a good pair of running shoes. It may initially hurt your pocketbook for maybe a month tops. It will save your ankles, calves, knees, back and all those other fine mechanics a lot of pain. Do not ever run in skate shoes - if you do, may I suggest [sarcasm] running in combat boots instead? You'll get the same result [/sarcasm]. A safe rule in the military is to stay neutral in color scheme. The bright flourescent Nike shoes may be allowed but at minimum would bring you a few sarcastic comments from course staff/others about your 'go faster shoes'. White/blue, white/black, black/black, etc. should be fine.
Thank you for the quick and very helpful responses I appreciate it :)

The only reason I'd go with any other colour than black/white is if when trying the shoes on they felt like a million bucks and were good for the mentioned reasons not to wear skate shoes for running etc lol.  And most would say the white ones will do the same as the blue ones but the way they're manufacturing shoes these days we see more colors now than we do the basics that's all.  I didn't wanna find an incredibly comfortable pair of shoes and then get told I'm not allowed to use em thats all :)

Thanks again, you guys are very helpful.