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Assessment and support for likely ADHD


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Hi. I have struggled with behaviour and attention issues my whole life. I have been in the CAf a long time and am now in a position that has a lot demand on my executive functions and I'm really struggling to keep up. I am quite smart, but I have always had a really hard time regulating attention, impulsivity and staying organized. I often feel anxious and scattered. I recently made an appt with MO and social worker in hopes of a referral to a Psychiatrist for assessment, but can't help but feel worried that my feelings will be dismissed, and my struggles will be chalked up to poor character, lazy and irresponsible - traits I've internalized my whole life to explain my behaviour - and that parents, teachers and supervisors have all said - "so much potential, if only she'd try harder". I am hoping others will share their experience around being assessed for/obtaining an ADHD diagnosis while in the CAF, good or bad.
I recently just received a diagnosis for ASD/ADHD from the CAF. I was able to communicate what I was struggling with, did the assessments as needed, and expressed a desire for stimulant therapy.

A lot of the time, they're going to want to say "well you've already developed coping mechanisms... so why are you coming to us now?" Starting ADHD meds is to improve Quality of Life, a la Viagra: I can go without, but I do much better with the medication.

That said, you will go on PCAT for Geographical, usually G3. Adhd meds are controlled substances and can affect your deployability. In most cases, you won't breach Universality of Service.

I hope things work out for you and that you're able to get support.