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ACS tech


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So i have started my ot to ACs from bosn  i have been researching this forum in order to obtain more info to prepare for the BPSO interview.

Here are my question about the trade,
1. how long is the QL5
2. how much math you need for the training i only have grade 10 math  but it been a whiles ,
3. when do you qualified for spec pay after ql3 or ql5
4. which type of welding do you perform the most tig,mig I am thinking on taking evening course .
  thank you for your time
This may help,

ACS Tech
I asked my ACS buddies

1. it may take up to a year
2. Can you count to 10?
3. Spec pay - Must be CPL and QL5. Friends who OT'd from infantry and gotten their QL5 for ACS got it right away
4. uuuh what welding?
Any current ACS Techs or Future ACS Techs ( already in Borden ).

I was just looking for some feedback on how was the "new" trade since they added the aircraft safety on the original trade.
I added ACS Tech to my trade choices 2 days ago so I just want to get some info / story.