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Army Army Reserve in Canada: Soldier Information Handbook 2023 Updated 2023

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This handbook was created to provide serving soldiers with information that will demystify the experience of being in the Army Reserve. If you are serving in an army unit and need help to navigate and get things done, this is the book you will want to read. It was designed to be the experienced and knowledgeable friend that you always wanted - someone who can answer questions for you about where to look, what the process is, and how to get things done. There are over 160 links to sites that people always assume you already know about. It tells you how to access all the benefits that the army promises but nobody tells you how to go about actually getting. If you are considering joining the Army, or already in, bookmark this resource - you will come back to it at different times during your career.

Updated with all the new 2023 information. Enjoy a little light reading at The Army Reserve in Canada - Soldier Information Handbook
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