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Re: Introducing MilPoints- Merged
« Reply #225 on: March 03, 2015, 12:39:37 »
MilPoints history gets archived after 30 days to help performance on the server. All the old records are still retained, just not kept in the working table, so queries run faster. Ultimately it's poor database design (mine) and a quick and dirty fix rather than committing the time to proper table indexing.

Sounds like you've got a lot on your hands.

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Re: Introducing MilPoints- Merged
« Reply #226 on: March 30, 2019, 03:41:37 »
Good-day Folks,

I’d like to take some time to address a concerning trend I’ve noted that cycles, but lately has been making a comeback again, little by little.

In keeping with the updated goal of quality tone and content on the site since the staff turnover, DS tries hard to maintain a forum set apart from others—A site where we try our best to consistently maintain an environment that fosters factual, intelligent dialogue on a variety of subjects, and the prevention/monitoring of downward-spiralling topics, which could possibly derail into volatile exchanges. We are always aiming to improve and we encourage constructive feedback from new and old users alike.

That being said, in order for all users to get the most out of their experience here, it’s worth posting a reminder of the positive and negative uses of the milpoint system.

At its most basic level, milpoints are a great way to show appreciation for the tone and/or content of a particular post. Everyone likes receiving milpoints, especially when a user has taken the time to compose their thoughts clearly, and/or has done a lot of research and supplied sources to further a conversation.

Alternatively, milpoints can also be used to negatively critique a post using the options available in the menu. (Or if none can categorize the cause for the negative critique specifically, then selecting ‘neutral’ and leaving a short comment with an explanation will suffice also.)

To keep things simple, the reasons for using negative milpoints can be for showing general disapproval of content, or for steering a poster in the right direction when they’ve ignored and/or failed to recognize comments directed towards them in relation to behaviour on the boards. There are, of course, other reasons also. But whatever the reason, DS tries to ensure that the milpoint system isn’t being abused and its intended purpose remains in tact...

...Which brings me to the point of this post.

Milpoints should never be used as a form of passive-aggression. That’s not what they were implemented for and it erodes the site experience of the users involved.

An example of milpoint passive-aggression?

Scenario 1)-A user incurs negative milpoints for whatever reason

-The user who issues the negative milpoints does so in the spirit of constructive criticism, and leaves a short comment indicating their disapproval of the post

-The user who was dinged then goes and finds a post from the user who dinged them, which they decide they don’t like for whatever reason, and does the same in return.

Scenario 2)-A user issues negative milpoints and in addition to the deduction leaves a comment attacking the individual personally, rather than constructively criticizing the post or giving a brief explanation for the negative deduction.

Thankfully, scenario 2 doesn’t happen often, but it has and staff usually then has to manage a complaint regarding the issue.

Unfortunately, I’ve noticed scenario 1 occurring more often recently, so let’s think about our milpoint usage as much as we do our posts.

It’s understandable that users will, at some point, become invested in the topics they’re participating in, and sometimes emotions can overwhelm. But this is why staff is dedicated to maintaining an atmosphere where policies are adhered to, and where users are encouraged to participate while following’s guidelines.

Milpoints are a fun boost for morale around the site, and they can also serve as a useful tool when administered appropriately. Let’s keep that in mind.

Thank you
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