Author Topic: Not helping veterans could turn into national security problem: Military Ombudsm  (Read 6680 times)

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:whistle: One of my takeaways was that if the government and CAF don't sort out their shortfalls concerning their treatment of Veterans, they won't be able to recruit because people won't trust them to honour their obligations.

There also much more important things involved in the transition than pensions.

I found nothing, said in the interview, that was hyped. Nor did I see it as a media trashing of the inconsistent, useless systems in place right now. The PM said he and his government were opened ànd transparent. No one should be surprised or shocked when an Ombudsman enlightens the taxpayer and stakeholders the shortcomings of a junk government that constantly lies to Vets.

The Ombudsman was doing this job of finding faults, investigating complaints, providing solutions and informing the taxpayer how their money is being mispent within tjhe department they are assigned to. If he's saying these things is because he's investigated the complaints.
I have had this discussion many times with people and I think you hit the nail on the head. As they slowly erode the benefits of the military, it is harder and harder to find people to take a job which pays ok at best,  can move you at a whim, send you off to hot and violent places and place you in risk of death on a daily basis (for some trades). This is the national security risk. At last check we are sitting at about 55000 TES in the regular force. Even in the Afghanistan years we could grow effectively. With the last of the boomers getting out and a lot of people who joined after 9/11 getting close to their 20 we could see that number shrink. We already are stretched thin and we barely do anything internationally in a reasonably large scale anymore.

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Of all the threads I have read on here, these 3-pages are the ones that surprise me the most: "Pension and Severance Wait Time".

I had never heard of anyone waiting a single day for their first pension cheque / deposit, or post-retirement benefits.

I trust you are referring to "Non-CF pers"... we could do a complete 180 on that last sentence and say "I had never heard of anyone EVER GETTING their first pension cheque / deposit, or post-retirement benefits WITHIN A REASONABLE TIMEFRAME."

I waited almost 6 months for my severance and 2 months for my pension. I also waited almost 3 months for LTD to kick in!
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