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*Disclaimer* As will be made clearly obvious I am not especially familiar with military lingo as of yet, please do not hold this against me. I'm sure I will get the hang of it rather quickly.

I am curious what courses vehicle techs are offered? I understand that clearly there is no reason for someone in that trade to be offered something like para, etc. as there is no practicality in that, however are they able to take courses like hand to hand combat or other self defense stuff.  While I know that again there is possibly no need for a vehicle tech to take advanced hand to hand, I would like to take something like that for personal protection, both in and out of uniform. Is there a possibility for members in this trade to take things like this through the military or would I have to search that out in a civilian context.

thanks for any knowledge anyone would care to pass along. Getting pumped for BMQ
US Military / Re: USAF Woes
« Last post by dapaterson on Today at 01:18:25 »
President Trump signed an executive order Friday allowing the Air Force to recall as many as 1,000 retired pilots to active duty to address a shortage in combat fliers, the White House and Pentagon announced.


Recently purchased this shave bowl for lathering up the brush, super beautiful piece and because of the swirl and indentations inside it helps build up a lather super quickly.

They actually aren't able to sell them in Canada yet and are currently trying to get something set up with Amazon but I guess there's a bunch of hoops they have to jump through first. But most of us have a friend or two in the US at this point and can work around it.
US Military / Re: USS John S. McCain Collision 20 Aug 17
« Last post by tomahawk6 on Today at 01:05:29 »
The vessel carrying the McCain is being diverted to the PI due to a 4 inch crack that needs to be attended to in a harbor.
US Military / Re: USAF Woes
« Last post by tomahawk6 on Today at 01:01:09 »
T6 may miss the meaning. Hellyer Cpl's???
I googled the term  :pumpkin:
Recrutement / Re: QMBO 15 JANVIER 2018
« Last post by Ronaldo16 on Yesterday at 23:59:45 »
oh okaie nice je vois ! tu as l'air d'etre bien informe ! tiens moi au courant lundi alors ! bon week end !  :evilrifle:
US Military / Re: USAF Woes
« Last post by Rifleman62 on Yesterday at 22:08:35 »
T6 may miss the meaning. Hellyer Cpl's???

Recruiting / Re: Trades OPEN / Closed ?
« Last post by LeoC on Yesterday at 21:43:52 »
Dear Sir Buck_HRA,

Thank you for your countless informative and straight to the point posts.

I wonder if you could make public two stats regarding Pilot applications. I understand that the number of positions vary from year to year but to your best knowledge concerning the past 2 or 3 fiscal years, what is the average yearly rate of:
1) All pilot applicants (from day 1 of their applications) per actual pilot positions offered;
2) All DEO pilot applicants per actual DEO pilot positions offered.

As an aspiring applicant, the information above would be pivotal to a data driven decision on pursuing a life long aspiration as my window of opportunity quickly closes down on me as the years go by. Your attention to this matter is highly appreciated.

Best regards,
Radio Chatter / Re: Blade Runner 2049
« Last post by tomahawk6 on Yesterday at 21:15:09 »
Of course the original Blade Runner did not do so good in the theatres also. It was not till it was released on the home video market that it became a cult favourite,

I think the plan will be to rush these films out as dvd''s.
The real question though isn't whether more education may have some value. The question is can the military make better use of those years especially since they are some of those where we are at our most vigorous and most impressionable. Why should we let them be spent sitting on our butts in a classroom?  :pop:


Officers pursuing a degree through ROTP or RESO are not just sitting on their butts. They are spending four months each year learning their branch and going through some "vigorous" training. The 22 year olds have at least a little more maturity once they begin Troop Leading/Platoon Commanding, all else being equal of course.

I think that planning to have officers wait to obtain a degree is a mistake. There is always something pressing for our Captains in terms of time - sending them off to school for four years is a non-starter. Its hard enough to get second language and staff training time.


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