's Fallen Comrades

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old

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We are happier in many ways when we are old than when we were young. The young sow wild oats. The old grow sage.

- Winston Churchill

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Her Majesty's Canadian Ship St. John's

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Today in Military History

March 7


Louisbourg Nova Scotia - Michel-Philippe Isabeau starts to build Louisbourg on Cape Breton Island; engineer under director of fortifications Jean-François de Verville, who recommended the site in 1716. The fortress takes 25 years to build; here's a picture of the completed work, with the town and harbour in the foreground.


France declares war on Spain during the French Revolution.


Les Voltigeurs de Quebec: Force a superbe, Mercy a foible (Violence to the strong, mercy to the weak)


Canada puts 10,000 militia on alert after Fenians hold meeting in New York and threaten invasion; as precaution against anticipated attacks on St. Patrick's Day.


Canadians engage Boers in artillery fight at Poplar Grove.


A river crossing operation in Mesopotamia involving the King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment came under very heavy fire, and the first two boats were lost with their occupants. The third boat was also raked by fire, and every man aboard killed or wounded, save only Private White, a signaller. Unable to control the boat on his own, he improvised a towing line from a supply of field telephone cable he was carrying, then dived overboard, and slowly towed the heavy pontoon back to shore despite a continuing barrage of fire, saving the lives of all the wounded aboard, as well as a large quantity of equipment. White was awarded the Victoria Cross.


British forces intervened in the Russian Civil War and began naval operations against Red revolutionaries in the Murmansk and Archangel areas.


British troops invade Abyssinia.


Cologne Germany - Allied forces cross the Rhine River south of Cologne, and take the city.


In the frigid waters of the Irish Sea, U-1302 cannot withstand the continual pounding of coordinated attacks from HMC Ships LA HULLOISE, STRATHADAM and THETFORD MINES, and eventually sinks.


Remagen Germany - US 9th Armored Division captures key bridge over the Rhine at Remagen, helps shorten the War.


Canadian External Affairs Minister Paul Martin says Canada to participate with US in developing airborne radar system to replace DEW Line.

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