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Service Flights


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So I'm on extended parental and I want to go travelling with my wife and kids while I've got time.

I got on DWAN, and all I've found is CANFORGEN 085/01, Non-Duty Travel.

2 Air Movement Squadron's DWAN page is practically empty, with just a mailing address.

What I'm looking for is a way to figure out what flights might be possible, not reserving seats. I remember being able to access a spreadsheet to this effect at 2 AMS.

Any thoughts on how to find relevant info?
All my links have long expired. It's funny how so much info was easier to find in the 90s.

I think the quickest and easiest way forward is to simply call or email the NPSC (National Passenger Centre) and ask how to find the info. My cynical side thinks that it is deliberately hard to find in order to minimize the administration of pers flying space-available. Or if it's even a possibility anymore.
Much appreciated.

The plus account wasn't in evidence on the 2 AMS DWAN page, but I'll be able to find them on the GAL.
Oh man there is a link on the DIN that lays out the entire schedule look for a last year caforgen or Canairgen and search (Christmas service flights schedule) try similar keywords there is always a schedule out and if you can find the Christmas one it will bring you onto the site with current and upcoming schedule.