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Sar Tech injured during training exercise 10 Jan 13


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Shared with the usual caveats.


Air force parachutist suffers serious injuries in training exercise

January 10, 2013 - 11:44am BY GORDON DELANEY VALLEY BUREAU

GREENWOOD — A search and rescue technician who was injured during Canadian Forces parachute training is in stable condition after undergoing surgery last night, a spokesman from 14 Wing Greenwood said in an interview this morning.

The experienced technician, who was injured after jumping from a Hercules aircraft during a training exercise late Wednesday afternoon, deteriorated overnight and was rushed into surgery for back injuries, said Capt. John Pulchny.

Pulchny said technicians were jumping into a confined area around Cloud Lake, south of Kingston around 3:30 pm, when one man, who has not been identified, hit the ground too hard.

A Cormorant helicopter crew was nearby and airlifted the injured man to the airport at Shearwater, where he was transferred to a Halifax hospital.

“How the accident happened, we’re not sure,’’ said Pulchny. “That’s under investigation right now.’’

He said the man’s injuries were not considered life-threatening when he first arrived at hospital.

“But later on through the evening it was determined that he had some severe torso and back injuries that were determined to be life-threatening.’’

His condition improved overnight and he is now listed as stable.

"But right now we’re waiting for another assessment,’’ Pulchny added.


Here's hoping for a swift recovery :salute: