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Royal Hamiliton Light Infantry - 1929 Dominion Rifle Match


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While looking for information on my Canadian born father, Louis Albert De Lauche, I stumbled upon the text of a news article from the 14 Aug 1929 Manitoba Free Press, covering the Dominion Rifle Meet, Connaught Ranges, Ontario 13 Aug 1929.  The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (RHLI) took 2 trophies at that match. High scoring marksmen in the RHLIs included the following (where they were from follows their names): C.S.M. Emslie, Toronto; Sergt. White, Toronto; Lt. Fyvie, Victoria, B.C.; Cadet Auty, Guelph; C.S.M. Lucas, Toronto; Cadet Corpl. Bird, Regina; Pte. Delauche, Hamilton; Capt. Holland, Victoria; Pte. Grant, Seaforth; Lieut. Bowen, Edmonton; Lieut. Carter, Toronto; Lieut. Bon, Montreal; Sergt. Buick, Toronto; Capt. Shaffner, Halifax; Sergt. Sharpe, Montreal; M.G. Collings, Vancouver; A.S. Sergt. Webb, Ottawa; Sergt. Abel. St. John, N.B.; Sergt. Bockington, Toronto.  I have the full text article if anyone else wishes it. Just contact me through this forum. Jean Elisabeth DeLauche