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I just passed the CFAT for Pilot last month, I'm applying ROTP. However they they told me my marks were not good enough in HS (I already knew this going in), I started upgrading a while back amd they told me to finish that before going for aircrew selection.

Here's my concern, I live in Alberta. I retook grade 12 math through an Alberta Education school, the 85% I finished with reflects on my Alberta Transcripts. However I am taking Chemistry, English and Social Studies at SAIT in Calgary, it is easy and I shpuld be into the 90s. But the thing is SAIT is its own thing, these are "highschool eqvualency" courses, I'll still get an official transcript but they won't show on my Alberta one. SAITs upgrading program is very well know, and every Alberta University counts those marks. Bit I'm just wondering if the military would accept it for ROTP?
You'll have to ask the RMC admissions department, or have the recruiting centre ask for you.
Okay thankyou, how do I get in contact with RMC admissions?
The RMC website currently states to go through the recruiting centre for undergraduate admission questions.